A former top U.K. officer has been representing the lawyer for an alleged Russian crime household, according to leaked emails.”>

The former us attorney general of Great Britain has been representing the lawyer for an alleged Russian crime household, The Daily Beast has learned, based on a tranche of email correspondence leaked online.

Lord Peter Goldsmith, who served for six years under Tony Blairs premiership and is now a senior partner at the London office of U.S. law firm Debevoise& Plimpton, was retained in March 2014 by Andrey Pavlov to act as legal advisor. Pavlov for years acted as legal counsel for Russian crime boss Dmitry Klyuev; he was also immediately implicated by whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky as being an accomplice in the theft of public Russian money. Pavlov has denied all these accusations.

Goldsmithwho provided the Blair government with the legal justification for Britains participation in the 2003 Iraq Warwas tasked with helping Pavlov sidestepped possible sanction by the European Parliament for being complicit in Magnitskys demise in prison, and for the subsequent judicial cover-up and for the ongoing and continuing harassment of his mother and widow, as the text for the European parliamentary resolution stated.

Magnitsky, himself a Russian taxation attorney, was found dead after being beaten by eight guards while in pretrial detention in Moscows Mastrosskaya Tishina prison in 2009, as Russias Presidential Human Rights Council detected. Anti-corruption crusaders, backed by proof compiled by Hermitage Capital, Magnitskys client, argue that the slain lawyer was framed for uncovering a series of tax frauds, collectively equaling almost$ 1 billion. The alleged scam was perpetrated by Pavlovs employer, the Klyuev Group, which Sen. John McCain has called a dangerous transnational criminal organization( PDF) that has colluded with senior Russian officials to engage in bribery, hoax, embezzlement, company steals, and other serious financial crimes.( Full revealing: I am an uncompensated is part of the advisory board of the Justice for Sergei Magnitsky Inter-Parliamentary Group .)

According to the leaked emails, Pavlov attempted, in retaining Goldsmith and Debevoise, to stave off any EU sanctions list and also to respond immediately to accusations made against him by William Browder, the CEO of Hermitage Capital. Browder, relying on proof uncovered by Magnitsky, accused Pavlov of being consigliere to the organized crime syndicate responsible for raiding Hermitage Capitals offices, stealing three of its subsidiary companies, and perpetrating a $230 million tax frauda fiscal crime then pinned on Magnitsky himself.

Email documents show that Debevoise arranged to contract Crosby Textor, a campaign strategy firm, to verify Browders claims and isolate those made against Pavlov, and to conduct in-depth interview( s) with[ Pavlov] including asking[ him] the difficult questions. In the event that the European parliament elections passed a resolution naming Pavlov as a co-conspirator in Magnitskys plight, then Debevoise would represent him across all bodies of the EU governing apparatus, according to the emails.

A resolution was indeed passed in April 2014, a month after Pavlov hired Debevoise, recommending that the EU Council issue targeted sanctions against 32 members of the Klyuev Group, including Pavlov. To date, however, the Council has not made good on the parliaments recommendationsno sanctions have been issued against Pavlov or anybody else on the so-called Magnitsky List.

Goldsmiths hourly rate, in agreement with the engagement letter he signed on behalf of the members of Debevoise, is 960, ($ 1,400 ). Other lead advise, Matthew Getz and Robin Lf, would get 670 ($ 936) and 470 ($ 675 ), respectively. Pavlov also paid the firm a retainer of 75, 000 ($ 108,000 ).

In 2010 Goldsmith witnessed before a British investigation that he had initially counseled the government to seek a new UN Security Council resolution authorizing military action against Saddam Husseins regime before changing his mind and deciding that UN resolution 1441, from 1991, was sufficient grounds. He strenuously denied that his volte-face owed to political pressure.

Goldsmith was unavailable for comment on this story. A media spokesman from Debevoise did not respond to The Daily Beasts request for an interview by time of publication.

The Magnitsky affair, an elaborate and extensively reported tax rebate scam, initially involved the stealing, in 2007, of three subsidiary companies owned by Hermitage Fund and tasked with trading Russian energy securities. The companies were Rilend, Makhaon, and Parfenion, and the latter are stolen, according to proof uncovered by Magnitsky, with the involvement of officers of Russias Interior Ministry. These officers, Major Pavel Karpov and Lt. Col. Artem Kuznetsov, had ties to Klyuev, a onetime petty robber who then recruited the very humen assigned to investigate him for prior fiscal crimes.

Klyuev had been arrested in 1998 for beating a man he detected exiting from his then-girlfriends apartment. Magnitsky discovered Russian court records showing that Klyuev had expended the early 2000 s working for an investment bank and former officers in the KGB to concoct elaborated taxation rebates employing court judgments.

Pavlov appeared to act as consigliere to this alleged mafia, which also included officials from two Moscow tax bureaus. According to Magnitsky, Pavlovs role was contriving civil lawsuits by third party( controlled under Klyuevs accomplices) trying injuries for purportedly violated business deals. Documentary proof does establish that Pavlov represented parties on both sides in these interlinked suits. In swift legal proceedings, sometimes lasting a mere five minutes, judges would rubber-stamp the awardings asked for in full, inducing the defendant companies legally eligible for taxation rebates based on these incurred on-paper losses.

In 2004, Klyuev was accused of trying to steal shares from a Russian iron ore company called Mikhailovsky GOK, worth $1.6 billion, through collusive suits based on forged documents. Major Karpov had analyse this case, but then went to work for the chief suspect anyway. Karpov and his chief suspect Klyuev even vacationed in Larnaca, Cyprus. The man whom Karpov and his colleague ultimately identified as the mastermind behind the conspiracy was Klyuevs personal driver, who subsequently turned up deadthe official cause was heart failure. The Mikhailovsky GOK suit ended with Klyuev receiving a suspended sentence while the CEO and chief accountant of Universal Savings Banka Moscow bank Klyuev ownedwere jailed. Records show that Karpov also traveled extensively with Pavlov, to London, Larnaca, Istanbul, and Madrid, between 2007 and 2009 despite Karpovs modest policemans salary.

Klyuev is denying that Pavlov was ever his attorney, saying in an interview with Vedomosti newspaper in July 2012, I turned to him for complicated matters, and he worked jointly with me for my clients. Nevertheless, Pavlov was considered accompanying Klyuev to a meeting of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Monaco that same month.

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