( CNN) When Emmanuel Macron, France's moderate centrist nominee, won Sunday's presidential election against his fiery nationalist adversary Marine Le Pen, he confirmed a trend that should worry right-wing populists — especially those working in the White House. In an ironic twisting, Donald Trump's rise to the presidency — which was supposed to usher in a sweep of victories for like-minded nominees — is ruining their chances for success.

To be sure, Macron's victory was the result of countless factors, some of them unique to France. But one of the reasons Macron won is that French voters were frightened at the prospect of electing their own version of Trump. Le Pen reminded them a bit too much of the new American president, a human they strongly dislike.

Trump has low approving ratings in the United States, but it's nothing compared to his ratings in France. A recent pollfound an astounding 82% of French voters have unfavorable positions of Trump. That's even worse than Putin's dismal 70.9%.