Ive worked in Republican politics for 30 years, and the fracturing is unprecedented. But anyone who guess McMullin is the answer is crazy

Evan McMullin is apparently running for president of the United States of America. But before Monday morning, about 135 people had heard of him, or at the least followed him on Twitter. Thats “plain enoughwhat youre pointing at” people to get him elected president of his homeowners association.

His following blossomed overnight to nearly 33,000 not quite enough to get him elected to the school board in Provo, Utah.

Thats where hes from, according to his Wikipedia page, which magically seemed along with his announcement. His extensive resume says that he was a Mormon missionary in Brazil, then a secret snoop with the CIA, then had a stint with Goldman Sachs. He graduated from the Wharton School of business evidently a pre-requisite for Republican operating for chairperson and last but not least, hes worked for about a year as chief policy director of the House Republican Conference. So a Capitol Hill staffer, too.

Really? This is the guy to save the GOP from the evil grip of Donald Trumps tiny hands?

Since it became crystal clear that Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee, GOP insiders have been shaking the bushes trying to come up with some sort of alternative. There is fracturing within the party the likes Ive never seen in the 30 years I have worked in Republican politics.

The wealthy country clubbers and traditional donor class divided themselves between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Social conservatives of the pro-life, pro-gun, pro-not-gay matrimony variety eventually landed with Ted Cruz. Then there were the unexcitable moderate kinds who limped along softly behind John Kasich to the bitter end, hoping for some sort of divine intervention in Cleveland that never happened.

Last but not least, there was the remaining pissed off 30 to 40% of the GOP, the angry, white, middle-class Americans who wanted a narcissistic, sociopathic, Mexican-hating, baby-expelling, parents-of-a-dead-war-hero-offending,( Ill be brought to an end even though theres much better) reality Tv superstar.

Then after Trump won the Indiana primary, when every other candidate fell out, GOP leaders decided that rather than stand on principle and eternally lose the Trumpsters, who make up about a third of the party, they would throw their half-hearted, afraid-to-say-his-name-in-public support to the nominee.

They justify their endorsed by saing things like, We have to protect the supreme court from Hillary Clinton and citing a listing of potential nominees that some junior Trump staffer lifted off the Heritage Foundations website. They trust a guy who has proven his aversion to the truth, ranging from lying about receiving a letter from the NFL opposing the proposals of the debate schedule to the intimate, man-crushing love-fest he shared with Vladimir Putin in the green room when they both is available on 60 minutes together.

Now, back to whats-his-name. Evan McMullin. How did we get here?

I picture a group of wealthy Republican donors, pollsters and consultants sitting around a big conference table saying, OK, how about Romney? Anyone talk to Romney? What? Hes a no? OK, how about Kasich? He hates Trump. Lets get Kasich. Scratch that. Kasichs a no, too. Mark Cuban? Hes a billionaire. He can self-fund. He told no? Cross him off the listing. What about that Bush kid? You know, the Hispanic one. Is he old enough? Somebody Google him. Oh, he endorsed Trump today. That wont work. Lets watch. I know! How about Evan McMullin? Hes great! Hes Mormon and was a snoop and works as a staffer on Capitol Hill. Somebody call him and tell him to quit his job. Bob, secure the domain name and put up a website. Steve, get some buttons made and maybe some signs red, white and blue. Larry, write a press release. Well announce tomorrow.

Since McMullins campaign began style back Monday morning, Im not watching the Romneys, Kasichs, Bushes or Koch Brothers of the world jumping on board. Likely they never will. The only impact I find his campaign having on the three-ring circus of an election were experiencing is perhaps draining a small percentage of anti-Trump Republicans from Libertarian Gary Johnson, eventually putting him under the 15% threshold to make it into the debates.

Which would actually help Trump. So much for a savior.

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