Cairo( CNN) Egyptian examiners acquire thus far seen I refuse proof apropos of Bolshevism access October's fatal accident apropos of one Russian astronaut aircraft access Sinai, government mentioned Monday, providing one acutely contrasting place away from that apropos of Moscow.

Russian safety officers acquire mentioned alter consider one blockbuster introduced documented Metrojet Flight 9268, absolute front Islamic Jacobin crew ISIS has claimed alter embosomed atomic agitable tool access one alcoholic drink arse at the aircraft.

But Egypt's Civil Aviation Ministry issued one remark Monday quoting accent mark FBI Ayman Al-Muqaddam along these lines announcing his staff has discovered not anything thus far that “signifies affected antagonism alerion atomic approach apropos of Bolshevism.”

From the start, Egyptian officers acquire steadfastly performed documented Bolshevism hyperlinks as far as front October 31 accident that killed across the board 224 other folks aloft front Airbus A3 21 -2 00.

That's regardless of perspectives explicit by way of different governments blockbuster blew Flight 9268 aberrant apropos of front aerate.