( CNN) When Donald Trump won an amazing selecting triumphon November 8, a lot of the globe took a deep, anxious breath. From Berlin to Beijing, globe leaders were plainly concerned, unclear of exactly what the following 4 years would certainly hold.

Mr Trump, it was thought, had little time for global confederations, his “AmericaFirst” ruleshowing little concern for the sights as well as problems people companions. Indeed, it is tough to think about a United States head of state that had even worse worldwide media insurance coverage in his opening up couple of weeks compared to Donald Trump– with the feasible exemption of Ronald Reagan.

Onehundred days right into the Trump presidency, nevertheless, the businessman-turned-politician has actually been successful in amazing his sharpest movie critics on numerous fronts. President Trump is never ever mosting likely to win a worldwide appeal competitors, yet he is significantly acquiring the regard of America's allies.

Hopesas well as fears in Trump's red states