There were so many moments where Trump reached literally no sense in a Thursday Fox News interview

Throughout his life, Donald Trump's two greatest assets have been his mental stability and being, like, really smart. We all is recognized that because he told us three months ago.

In fact, when you think about it- and Donald Trump has- if you consider his business life, and his Tv stardom, and his presidential victory, you'd have to say he was not smart, but genius. And a very stable genius at that.

So we are unable to assume that the blithering, paranoid egomaniac who somehow hoodwinked his route onto Fox News Channel's morning indicate was an imposter. Person pretending to be the very stable genius who is the 45 th president of the United States.

Talk about a crank caller. In only 30 glorious minutes of live television, the person known as “Donald Trump” proceeded to demolish two of his lawyer's debates about client-attorney privilege and paying hush money to a porn superstar, as well as his own pee videotape alibi that he never remained overnight in Moscow.

Along the route, he pandered in more conspiracy theories about the FBI, promised to fire people at the justice department, and made it clear he was doing nothing to celebrate the birthday of his long-suffering wife.

Before the morning was over, the US attorney for the south district of New York( a Trump appointee) was already citing the TV interview in a letter to the magistrate in the case of Michael Cohen, the president's once-trusted fixer and personal lawyer.

It began, innocently enough, with “Trump” wishing the first lady a happy birthday.” Do you want to tell us what you got her? ” asked the Fox host Brian Kilmeade, in what was clearly designed as a trap question.

” Maybe I didn't get her so much, ” he said.” I got her a beautiful card. You know, I'm very busy, to be running out go looking for presents. ”

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