Itmight be a tempest in a teacup, or, possibly, a cyclone in a samovar. Russian social media sites is responding highly to something President Vladimir Putin showed filmmaker Oliver Stone for the supervisors much-hyped, four-part collection of free-flowing conversations with the veteran Russian leader.

Inepisode 3 of The Putin Interviews, the Russian head of state programs Stone video on a cellular phone of just what he asserts are Russian procedures inSyria You discover hefty barrage, big clouds and also guys running.

Thetrouble? It might not be Russian procedures in any way.


TheConflict Intelligence Team, a team of Russian scientists that track Russian participation in army problems, claims the video is U.S. Department of Defense video clip, from either 2009 or 2013, suggesting anti-Talibanprocedures inAfghanistan It shows up to have actually been initially published onMilitary com. According to CIT scientist Kirill Mikhailov, a person acquired it, referred to as recordings of discussions in between Ukrainian us flying force pilots over it, and also released it in 2014, on the web, as Russian army video clip from Syria, to guarantee just what visitors would certainly make with it. Mikhailov calls it” a little amateur phony information lure.”

Theypublished it on You Tube to see exactly how much it would certainly go. It mosted likely to the top.


Mikhailovclaimed his group compared both video clips, Putins and also the one on You Tube, and also the surges on each take place at the exact same location and also the exact same day. He thinks with 100 percent assurance that it is video clip of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

ThePentagon informs Fox News the video clip showed to Stone is not Russian army video, and also it does resemble the initialMilitary com video bragApaches

TheKremlin has actually claimed that the video clip became part of a Ministry of Defense rundown to PresidentPutin It additionally claimed the phone he stood up to Stone was not his, yet an assistants. The Kremlin claims it will certainly have the ability to validate the video clip, yet wonts claim exactly how.

Accordingto Russian network RT, Oliver Stone, at a celebration in Norway, informed the media not to trivialize his docudrama over this.

“Hehighlighted a phone and also he offered it to us, we shot it, and also he claimed this was that, Stone claimed regarding the event. Why would certainly he phony it? I involve, the Russians did quite possibly in regards to problems to ISIS in Syria.

ButRussian reporter and also publicity specialist Alexey Kovalev claimed the video clip is a phony.

Itsclearly not just what Putin claims it is, he claimed. That much is perfectly clear. And it informs you a whole lot regarding just what type of intel Putin is fed by his military of Yes Men.

Meanwhile, Russian social media sites has actually transformed the entire tale right into one large meme-a-thon, laying over the Brooklyn Bridge into Putins phonelook, its the brand-new bridge to Crimea!

ButMikhailov of CIT informed Fox News that memes and also jokes apart: If the guy that has the nuclear codes obtain fed un-fact-checked details and also hes the just one that acquires large plan choices in Russia, it is really worrying.

Amy Kellogg presently works as a Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent based in Milan,Italy She signed up with Fox News Channel( FNC) in 1999 as a Moscow- based reporter. Follow her on Twitter: @amykelloggfox

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