( CNN) Its August, which means that it seems like the entire government is itching to get out of DC. The House is on recess, the Senate is pretending to be on recess — and President Trump successfully avoided some dismal DC weather. Here's some of the other things that happened 😛 TAGEND

We have a new Veterans Affairs secretary! Robert Wilkie officially took on what is arguably one of the hardest and most underappreciated jobs in Washington. Tasked with serving our veterinarians, he needs all the positive vibes he can get.

I'm scratching my head over the latest trade war news too, Commerce Secretary Ross. China announced plans to set tariffs on $60 billion of US products. I'm no economist, but that does not sound great. But there are still some good economic news this week: The new jobs report showed that unemployment is at 3.9% and 157,000 tasks were created in July!

President Donald Trump was out supporting his fellow Republicans this week. The upcoming midterms and the dismal climate in DC were perfect reasons to leave town for sunny Florida. And also Pennsylvania.

Standing before dozens of boxes labeled “Kavanaugh files, ” Republican senators from the Judiciary Committee tried to illustrate just how many of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's records will be available to comb through. It is approximately the same amount of stuff I still had in boxes three months after my last move. #TooReal

Marvel: “‘Infinity War' is the most ambitious crossover event in history.”
Me: “Until the White House press briefing on Thursday.”

Truly, it was a sight to see. It had Dan Coats. It had Christopher Wray. It had Kirstjen Nielsen . It had it all. But apparently President Trump didn't have a ticket to this particular matinee, because he was ripping the “Russian hoax” hours after his national security squad was cautioning about Russia and the midterms.