Clinton, promoting memoir addressing her 2016 US election defeat, tells UK audiences that Kremlin is hacking our unity by waging info war

Hillary Clinton embarked on a speaking tour of Britain with a message that the Brexit referendum was won on the basis of a big lie and warns that Vladimir Putin has been conducting a” cyber cold war” against the west.

She advised more girls to enter politics and praised those who spoke up about the Hollywood movie mogul and Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein, saying his reported behaviour was disgusting.

But Clinton observed that Donald Trump had admitted to sex assault and had a long history of misogyny, yet his supporters were comfy that he was now in the Oval Office.

Some Democrats had urged her to be silent after her defeat to Trump but she was not going to go away, said Clinton. She vowed to play her part in an attempt to win back Democratic seats in the forthcoming midterm elections. She acknowledged she” simply collapsed with real grief and letdown” after her election defeat.

Clinton, who is touring the country to promote What Happened- her memoir reflecting on the election defeat, told the BBC's Andrew Marr:” Seeming at the Brexit vote now, it was a precursor to some extent of what happened to us in the United States .”

She condemned the amount of fabricated datum voters were given:” You know, the big lie is a very potent tool and we've somewhat maintained it at bay in western republics, partly because of the freedom of the press. There has to be some basic level of fact and evidence in all parts of our society .”

She advised Britain to be cautious about striking a trade deal with Trump, saying he did not believe in free trade.

In other remarks during the Cheltenham literary festival, she accused the Kremlin of waging an datum war in all regions of the 2016 US election process. The tactics” were a clear and present danger to western republic and it is right out of the Putin playbook”, she said.

” We know Russian agents utilized Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even Pinterest to place targeted attack ads and negative stories intended not to hurt merely me but to fan the flames of division in our society. Russians posed as Americans pretending to be LGBT and handgun rights activists, even Muslims, saying things they knew would cause distress .”

She said some of the basics of the Russian interference in the 2016 election had been known, but” we were in the dark about the weaponisation of social media “. She quoth new research from Columbia University showing that assault ads on Facebook paid for in roubles were ensure by 10 million people in crucial swing states and had been shared up to 340 m times.

Clinton said the matter of whether Trump's campaign cooperated with Russian interference was a subject for congressional investigation. But she called for anyone found guilty of such cooperation with Moscow to be subject to civil and criminal law.” The Russians are still playing on anything and everything they can to turn Americans against each other ,” she said.

” In addition to hacking our elections, they are hacking our discourse and our unity. We are in the middle of a global fight between liberal democracy and a rising tide of illiberalism and authoritarianism. This is a kind of new cold war and it is just getting starting .”

The Russian campaign was leading to nationalism in Europe, democratic backsliding in Hungary and Poland, and a loss of religion in republic, she said.

Clinton said she had supposed the US electorate would have valued soothe and aplomb as traits in their prospective president, and admitted she may not ought to have are in accordance with reality TV-style campaigning.” I am an authentically reserved person ,” she said.” Maybe that is all out the window now and maybe it does not matter how real you actually are, if you are not dancing on the table insulting people, utilizing every rude thing you say to act as if you are tearing down political correctness .”

She said Barack Obama was very measured in his use of words and yet she was branded inauthentic when she tried the same approach.” Women are always judged more harshly .” Clinton said that the route Trump” played on intolerance, racism and paranoia was a very important motivator” in his election success.

Clinton rejected reports that her husband, Bill Clinton, had criticised What Happened:” I am going to start calling things that are lies lies. I am not going to be tiptoeing around about it .” There was a small city industry” churning out lies about me and my family ,” Clinton said.

When challenged about whether she had been incorrect to disparage women who had claimed her husband had stimulated improper sexual advances, Clinton said the issue had been litigated, but the pattern of behaviour by powerful humen needed to be addressed.

Speaking afterward at the Southbank Centre as part of the London literary festival, Clinton said both Democrats and Republican were scratching their heads thinking about how to interpose a system amid concerns that Trump could- in a fit of pique- gain access to the nuclear codes and order a nuclear assault. She said she had never carried such a dread about a US president's access to atomic weapon.

She said one proposal was for the president to be required to seek the backing of the defence secretary or secretary of state before launching an attack. She added she did not know if the Trump presidency would survive, claiming that many Republican were as concerned as her about the damage being done to American institutions.

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