The Democratic presidential candidate came on HBO's' Real Time with Bill Maher' to discuss the DNC, why we must unite behind Hillary to beat Trump, and his political future. “>

History was built, Bill Maher smirked Friday as he led off an epic post-conventionsReal Time episode filled with Trump tint, Hillary critique, and love for special guest Bernie Sanders. One of our major parties nominated a woman, and another nominated a pussy.

A day after Hillary Clinton officially accepted the Democratic Partys nomination for President, Maher greeted her runner-up, live via spacecraft from Burlington, Vermont. He didntquitemake it to the nomination, Maher gushed, but in my lifetime I have never seen a candidate as beloved.

Hailed as a patriot by Maherunlike some of your advocates, the HBO host snarked( shout out Bernie Bros !) Senator Bernie Sanders dutifully stumped for party unity.

Bernies review of the tumultuous, balloon-filled 2016 DNC?

I think it was a good convention. I think it brought together people with different points of view within the Democratic Partythe progressives, the more conservative, the moderates, he said. But I think what comes out of that convention is the understanding that Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country.

Sanders explosion Trumps absurd positions on everything from climate change to tax breaks for the rich to his stint as an anti-Obama birther. But above all of that, this guy is running his entire campaign based on bigotry, based on trying to divide us up, based on trying to insult Mexicans, Latinos, and women, and African-Americans.

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This, Bernie continued, underscoring the urgent need to thwart a Trump America, is a guy who is dangerous.

Bernie agreed with Khizr Khan, the Muslim-American father of a drop Army captain, who slammed the Republican nominee on the DNC stage over his inflammatory anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric. Someone like Trump does not understand the Constitution of the United States, Sanders said. This is a guy whomustbe defeated.

Bernie is only 74 years young, Maher pointed out. He asked Sanders point blank: why not run for President again?

Well, Sanders didnt say hed never run again. He gently smiled. Thank you very much, but four years from now is a long time from now my word ends in two years as a United States senator from Vermont. Everything being equal, I intend to run for reelection from Vermont, a state that I love very, very much.

Whatever my political future may or may not be I will be fighting as hard as I can to stand up for a declining middle class, to take on the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality that were seeing right now, he added. To demand that the United States join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people, as a right to make public colleges and universities in this country tuition-free. Those are the issues we have got to continue to fight for.

Bernie promised to keep fighting for those issues from Hillarys corner, to make sure she sticks to the lane he nudged her toward over the course of the Democratic primary.

What I intend to do the day after Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States is to do everything that I can to make sure she goes forward as progressively as she can, maintaining a very strong Democratic-progressive platform that we passed together, he vowed, depicting applause and whistlings from the studio audience.

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Sending a subtle message to his most vocally anti-Hillary supporters, Bernie encouraged his people to keep stoking the energy they put into backing his movement, even with him out of the race.

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