( CNN) SyedRizwan Farookand also TashfeenMalikwere radicalized, with the last promising loyalty to ISIS while both eliminated 14 individualsin San Bernardino,California

Butwhen, and also exactly how, did they take this darknes transform?

Officialsare attempting to figure that out, along with that may have led or aided the couple transform their severe point of views right into a terribleact of terrorism, as been qualified by PresidentBarack Obama and also police authorities

Sourcesinformed CNN that detectives think Malik was radicalized at the very least 2 years earlier, well prior to she involved the United States with Farook on a girlfriend visa and also prior to ISISproclaim its caliphate.

Still, it's difficult to state just what precipitated her or Farook's change, with one U.S. main keeping in mind, “It's not such as a changing takes place and also you're radicalized.”