Banks, Idaho( CNN) Humans can not live without water. We consume it. We shower in it. We utilize it for transport. We admire it. And we play in it.

“FitNation: Around the World in 8 Races” will certainly broadcast 3 times on Saturday, August 25, in between 1 and also 6 p. m. ET and also once in between 5 and also 6 p. m. ET on Sunday, August26

Butalone, we do not live long under it. Water can eliminate as conveniently as it can cleanse. Trapped or subconscious under the surface area is video game over. Which indicates that a kayak race, specifically in expert-class rapids, is teasing with tragedy in a manner foot or bike races seldom do.( There's a factor swimming is constantly the very first leg of a triathlon.)

I do not understand if that makes the individuals completing in the NorthFork Championshipkayak race– held every year in a rough snake of river regarding a hr north of Boise, Idaho– much more endure or reckless than various other professional athletes, yet it involves the interest and also accuracy they offer their sporting activity is as much regarding rate and also dexterity as it has to do with survival.