BEIRUT( Reuters) – Syrias President Bashar al-Assadclaimed President Donald Trumps restriction on Syrians getting in the United States targeted terrorists, not the Syrian individuals, showing up to protect the reasoning of the step in a meeting program on Thursday.

Trumplast month provided an exec order, given that put on hold by a U.S. area magistrate, that momentarily prevented tourists from 7 primarily Muslim nations consisting of Syria, in addition to enforcing an uncertain restrict on all Syrian evacuees.

Itsversus the terrorists that would certainly penetrate a few of the immigrants to theWest And that took place. It took place in Europe, mostly in Germany, Assad claimed in the meeting with Europe 1 radio as well as TF1 tv which was taped on Tuesday in English.

I think the objective of Trump is to stop those individuals from coming. It was not versus the Syrian individuals, he claimed.

Sana Sana/ Reuters Syria's President Bashar al-Assadprotected the reasoning of Trump's Muslim traveling restriction in a meeting program onThursday

Trumpclaimed his order, which set off objections in your home as well as abroad as well as shame at U.S. as well as global flight terminals, was meant to stop lobbyists from getting in the UnitedStates His federal government is testing the suspension judgment, which was supported recently by charm court judges.

Assadsfederal government has actually frequently slammed Western countries for their assistance for Syrian rebel teams, all which are concerned by Damascus as terrorists, as well as has actually advised that such support will certainly result in militant attacks around the globe.

Trumphas actually not yet laid out a clear plan on Syria however has actually shown he can reduce U.S. assistance for anarchical teams as well as has actually claimed he wishes to fix connections with Russia, whose President Vladimir Putin is Assads toughest global ally.

Askedstraight whether Trumps migration plan was the ideal one, Assad did not address. He likewise claimed he had actually not yet considered just what Trumps Syria plan would certainly be.