Apple Watch Banned From Uk Cabinet Meetings Over Hacker Fears

Apple Watch Banned From Uk Cabinet Meetings Over Hacker Fears

File photo – A girl utilizes Apple Watch that is on display at an electronics store in Omotasando in Tokyo April 24, 2015.( REUTERS/ Thomas Peter)

Government ministers in the United Kingdom cannot wear Apple Watches during Cabinet sessions under new regulations designed to thwart Russian hackers, according to The Telegraph .

Cabinet ministersmembers of Parliament who head executive departments like treasury and defensewere allowed to wear Apple Watches under former Prime Minister David Cameron. But the Telegraph , citing unnamed sources, tells current Prime Minister Theresa May's government is concerned that Russian hackers could use them as listening devices.

Cabinet sessions are typically held at Chequers, the Prime Minister's rural estate about 40 miles north of London. Cell phones are also banned during meetings for similar reasons, the Telegraph reports.

The Cabinet ban comes as federal officials in the US say the objective is “confident” the Russian government is behind recent hackers of US political organizations like the Democratic National Committee.

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