A team of travelers in Calais, France, jumped into the rear of a truck bind for the U.K. andstumbledupon some uncommon cargoa polar bear. Needless to claim, various teams was shocked to see Nissan, a 22 -month-old male polar bear, yet nonetheless remained inside the lorry. The vehicle, bound forYorkshireWildlife Park, remained in the center of slow-moving web traffic when the team climbed up aboard. French authorities looked out to the travelers visibility and also they were asked to abandon the vehicle. Strict guidelines control the transport of pets and also all guidelines were reported to have actually been adhered to.

SimonMarsh, a pet gathers supervisor at the park, reported that Nissans 3,000-kilometer( 1,864-mile) trip from Moscow to Doncaster( where the park lies) ran inning accordance with planaside from the small occurrence with the travelers. There was a minor misstep atCalais Nissan has some unforeseen visitors in the rear of the truck, he stated.Obviously he remained in a pet crate, so it was all safe and secure and also extremely secure, yet I believe they were a little bit stunned when they guaranteed a polar bear.

Nissanwas birthed at Russias IzhevskZooin December 2013, and also was being moved to the U.K. as component of a reproducing program. The team in Yorkshire are preparing to present him to the parks 2 various other polar bears, Victor( 16 yearsold) and also Pixel( 2yearsold ). All 3 bears will certainly be presented to the parks brand-new 10 -acre ProjectPolar Bearbook, which changes the present Arctic environment.

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