Are you ready for a $3,500 Datsun?

Thats how much the new redi-GO will cost when it goes on sale afterwards this yearin India.

Nissan relaunched Datsun as a low-cost brand in 2012, and currently offers it in India, along with Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.

The redi-GO is described as an urban-cross, which means its a high-riding subcompact designed to deal with poorly preserved streets. The four-seat four-door has a ground clearance of over seven inches, and is about the length of a Fiat 500. It comes with a 53 horsepower. 8-liter three-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission good for virtually 60 mpg. A driver-side airbag is optional.

It will compete with powerhouses like the Suzuki Maruti 800 and Tata Nano, which is the cheapest car in the world at $3,000.

None of them will be on sale in the United States anytime soon.

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