We take a look back at the highlights and lowlights of a long campaign season as election 2016 ultimately heads into the homestretch

Less than 100 days ago, Barack Obama was able to joke at a dinner with Washingtons elite that the 2016 presidential election risked the end of the republic. Everyone laughed.

With exactly 100 days to go until what Hillary Clinton now calls a moment of reckoning on 8 November, neither Democrats nor Republicans are smiling any more.

The rise and rise of Donald Trump has crept up on a world distracted by a host of challenges: seemingly interminable terrorist slaughter, Zika and Brexit have numbed many. But the notion that we could all wake up on 9 November to a gameshow host measuring new gold draperies for the Oval Office still has the power to shock.

Normal rules indicate Trump cant win in November. But 2016 is not normal. Here, with emojis, are 100 reasons why.

1 Number of times a woman has been the presidential nominee of the Republicans or Democrats.

2 Number of times Hillary Clinton has for president.

3 Number of days Donald Trump set a on it and the number of proposal endeavors needed before Hillary said to Bill.

4 Number of periods Donald Trumps industries have for insolvency.

5 Number of ingredients in Jeb Bushs famous Sunday Funday guacamole recipe avocados, cilantro, onion, jalapeo, garlic which you could induce in Bushs official merchandise Guaca Bowles, once flogged at his online store for $75.

Bernie Sanders: We Shall Overcome. Photo: PR

6 The number of tracks five songs and a bonus conversation on Bernie Sanders folk record, released in 1987. We Shall Overcome was Sanders first and last foray into. The Vermont senator described it as the worst album ever recorded.

7 The number of days Carly Fiorina was a candidate for vice-president.

8 Date in November when the election takes place.

9 Number of emails it took between Hillary Clinton and her consultant Huma Abedin for Clinton to figure out how to employ a machine.

10 Number of collective grand between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton( both candidates have had grandsons born during this campaign ).

11 Age of Karla Ortiz, who at the DNC this week about her anxieties for her parents, who the hell is undocumented migrants from Guatemala. Karla tearfully asked Clinton back in February about her parents getting deported and the encounter was was transformed into a campaign ad.

12 Number of Republican presidential debates … and the date in July when Bernie ultimately, eventually endorsed Hillary.

13 The number of states which held primary tournaments on Super Tuesday, 1 March.

14 Ben Carsons tax plan featured a flat rate of 14. 9 %.

Karla Ortiz and her mom. Photo: Saul Loeb/ AFP/ Getty Images

15 Team Clinton is outspending Team Trump 15 -1 on and advertising, based on numbers out in early July. Clinton and associated Super Pacs expended $45 m on ads, with Trump doling out simply$ 3m for radio and TV ads.

16 Number of Republican nominees beaten by Donald Trump.

17 The number of episodes aired of Joanie loves Chachi, the former sitcom that starred the GOP convention speaker Scott Baio.

18 Number of consecutive days Ben Carson spent on the campaign trail before returning to Florida to get a fresh decide of.

19 Date in March 2000 when The Simpsons joked about Trump being president. As you know, weve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump, said President Lisa Simpson.

20 Number in millions of new people who have care after Obamas reforms – Trump has vowed to abolish Obamacare.

21 Amount in millions that Carly Fiorina, who ran in the Republican primaries, received in as a golden parachute from her chore as CEO and chairman of Hewlett-Packard after the board of directors asked her to in 2005.

22 Trumps age when he was medically disqualified from the draft for the Vietnam war. In 2015, Trump said it was due to bone spurs in his.

23 Donald Trump took part in Wrestlemania XXIII in 2007. He body-slammed the WWE chief executive, Vince McMahon, then shaved his head Also the number of minutes the Texas senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican national convention in July, where he promoted the GOP to your conscience rather than endorsing Trump and was booed out of the auditorium.

24 Date in July 2016, when Obamas half-brother Malik Obama revealed he would vote for Trump over two brothers endorsed candidate. I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the, said Malik Obama, who lives in Kenya and holds US citizenship. Make great again is a great slogan.

25 The number of days Donald Trump said the word deal during a primary debate in Miami.

26 The date in April when Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island held their primaries.

Joanie Loves Chachi. Photograph: ABC Photo Archives/ ABC via Getty Images

27 The median gift in dollahs Bernie Sanders received from his supporters.

28 Number of member countries of Nato, an organization that Donald Trump has said is obsolete.

29 Number of electoral votes in its most important swing country of Florida.

30 Cost in of a bottle of Trump vodka, a failed Trump business scheme that launched in 2006 with the motto Success Distilled. The is no longer in production.

31 The percentage of eligible voters in the 2016 election who the hell is not white.

32 Millions of dollars raised by Ted in the first quarter of 2016.

33 Number in thousands of eliminated from Hillary Clintons private server without being handed over to the federal government for archival purposes.

34 Number of won by Hillary Clinton during the course of its Democratic primary season Bernie Sanders took 23.

35 The US constitution states that the president must be at least 35 years old. Both Clinton and Trump are over 35 … Also the amount that Trump wants to tax the hell is imported from in order to keep production in the.

36 Number of states that Rick Perry, the former Texas governor and failed GOP candidate, guesses Donald Trump can win in the general election. I think we have the potential to win overwhelmingly, he said. Im talking a 35, 36, 37 -state victory. Just a powerful win in November, he said.

37 Approximate amount in tens of millions ($ 375 m in total) raised by the Hillary Clinton campaign up to June 2016. That includes fund raised by the candidate as well as affiliated Super Pacs.

38 The percentage of the vote Hillary Clinton received in an early country blowout loss to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire.

Donald Trump shaves Vince McMahons head. Photograph: Bill Pugliano/ Getty Images

39 The number of speeches given by Bill and Hillary Clinton to big banks, including Goldman Sachs and UBS, creating $7.7 m in speaking fees for the couple.

40 The number of the Republican rule that maintained candidates besides Trump from being formally nominated in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

41 Number of tournaments won by Donald Trump during the primary season.

42 If Clinton, husband Bill Clinton, the 42 nd chairperson, will be the first chairwoman since Grover Cleveland to return to living in the White after another leader has been there. But hell be the first former chairman to return as a presidential spouse.

43 The absence of George W Bush( aka 43) in Cleveland marked the first time in four decades that no is part of the Bush family attended the GOP convention.

44 Age of Ted Cruz when he his candidacy in Lynchburg, Virginia in 2015.

45 The next chairman will be the 45 th president of the United States.

46 Chapter written by Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor and GOP hopeful, in the book Soup for the Soul: Billy Graham& Me, about considering the evangelical preacher as a teenager.

47 The percentage of Americans which rely on government who would vote for Barack Obama no matter what, according to controversial comments made by Mitt Romney during the course of its 2012 election.

Sanders advocates donated an average of $27 each. Photo: Alex Brandon/ AP

48 Number of superdelegates won by Bernie Sanders.

49 Ladder 49 was a 2004 John Travolta in which Martin OMalley, briefly a Democratic presidential hopeful, made a cameo.

50 Donald Trump said he would forgive $50 m he personally loaned to his presidential campaign.

51 Number of Federalist Papers by founding father Alexander Hamilton to defend the US constitution, a fact in the Broadway musical Hamilton. Clinton has insured the reveal three times, and hosted a July performance as a campaign fundraiser, with ranging from $2,700 to $100,000.

52 Number of -in votes Ben Carson received in the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Trump received 1,795.

Rick Perry supposes Trump can win 36 countries. Photograph: ddp USA/ REX/ Shutterstock

53 Highest percentage point Hillary Clinton has reached in match-ups against Donald Trump by RealClearPolitics since May.

54 Amount in thousands that the former Rhode Island governor and senator Lincoln Chafee created for his presidential bid. Chafee fell out before the first primary.

55 Number of electoral referendums in California, the largest nation in the country by population.

56 Percentage of the vote Jeb Bush received his 2002 re-election for governor, his last campaign before for president.

57 Number of jurisdictions that vote in a Democratic presidential primary: 50 countries, Washington DC, five territories and Democrats Abroad.

58 Age of the Virginia senator Tim Kaine, Clintons veep pick, who fluent Spanish and was widely regarded as the safe pick.

59 The year Hillary Clinton posed for a photo with her pet. The was called Isis, which is the name of an Egyptian goddess as well as a terrorist organization.

60 The quantity, in thousands, Donald Trumps impressive hair weave expense, according to a Gawker investigation

61 Former Democratic candidate Martin OMalley was the 61 st governor of Maryland. He received just over one half of 1% of the delegates in the Iowa caucuses before falling out.

62 The number of hours Hillary Clinton referred immediately to Trump during a major foreign policy she dedicated in San Diego, California in June.

Including an essay by Mike Huckabee. Photo: volume

63 Age of Gary Johnson, the pot governor of New Mexico who is the 2016 presidential nominee of the Libertarian party.

64 The size, in phases, of failed GOP candidate Marco Rubios result in the first Senate poll after he changed his mind yet again and decided to run for re-election after dropping out.

65 The height of Donald Trumps perimeter wall in. It has also fluctuated between 30, 45 and 55 ft, depending upon his mood.

66 Number of delegates John Kasich, another unsuccessful GOP candidate, won in his country winner-take-all primary of Ohio.

67 The current retirement age for those after 1960.

68 The number of Donald Trump insulted in public in 2015, according to the Washington Post.

69 Age Hillary Clinton will be when inaugurated if she becomes president.

70 Age Donald Trump is likely to be when inaugurated if he becomes president.

71 Percentage of Hispanics who voted Democratic in 2012, according to exit polls. Trump is not expected to make inroads into that lead.

72 Percentage of US respondents in a mid-July poll that said the country is on the wrong track.

73 Number of paid employees in June on the Trump campaign.

74 Bernie Sanders is this many years young.

Lincoln Chafee raised $54,000. Photograph: Gary Cameron/ Reuters

75 Length in minutes of Donald Trumps speech at the Republican national convention in Cleveland, the longest such speech in decades.

76 Percent chance that Clinton has of winning the general election, based on data collated by the New York Times and released in mid-July.

77 The year Donald Trump Ivana Zelnkov, mom of Donald Trump Jr, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump, and Trumps first ex-wife.

78 Percentage of claims made by Donald Trump this election cycle that have proved to be wrong or false, according to Politifact. The site fact-checked 158 statements Trump has made and seen 123 were mostly false, false or pants on.

79 Year Clinton became the first female partner at the Law Firm in Arkansas and became with daughter Chelsea. I was the only female partner, and theyd never had a female partner and certainly not a pregnant female partner. And they literally simply were what to do with me. I would walk down the corridor getting more and more pregnant, and “the mens” in the firm would like away, never say a, she has said when talking about balancing run and family.

80 The year Ronald Reagan swept to power, running on the campaign slogan induce America great again, appropriated 36 years later by Donald Trump.

81 Year that Ivanka Trump, known as her fathers favorite she introduced him at the RNC last week, arguing that he was blind and gender and would fight for working women was born.

82 Age of Larry Sanders, Bernies older brother, who cast a vote for his sibling as a delegate of Democrat Abroad at the DNC this week, dedicating it to his parents. They did not have easy lives, and they died young. They would be vastly proud of their son and his accomplishments. They him, he said.

83 Hillary Clinton was named Arkansas woman of the year 1983 she was the states first lady to governor Bill. During the previous years campaign she had often called herself Mrs Bill Clinton.

Donald and Ivana Trump. Photo: Robert Sacha/ Corbis via Getty Images

84 Year that Trumps first became a topic of speculation, after Graydon Carter , now Vanity Fair editor, described him in a GQ profile as small and neatly groomed.

85 Year Mike Pence, Trumps veep picking and the governor of Indiana, his wife Karen.

86 Donald Trumps highest recent golf score .

87 The year Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz published the businessmans best-selling Trump: The Art of the Deal.

88 The year that Trump told Oprah Winfrey likely not, when she asked him on her show if hed ever run for president, after he complained about US foreign trade bargains. But he still hedged his on how hed go in a hypothetical run. I believe Id win, he said. Ill tell you what: I wouldnt go into to lose.

89 Number of delegates won by Donald Trump in.

90 Percentage of consistent Sanders supporters who back Hillary Clinton in the election, according to the latest Pew Research Center data.

91 Percentage of the that Donald Trump in the primary in McDowell County, West Virginia.

92 The year of Bill Clintons first general elections Hillary depicted dispute for saying she was not some little woman standing by my human like Tammy Wynette in response to accusations that her husband had been caught in another extra-marital affair.

93 Melania Trumps great at the Republican convention stole from Michelle Obama but it was not plagiarism, Trump henchman Chris Christie said , not when 93% of the speech is completely different.

94 Year that Bill Clintons crime bill a tough-on-crime stance that encouraged prison time, recommended intervention in domestic violence and expanded the death sentence, creating a system of mass incarceration of blacks and Latinos was introduced. Im sorry for the consequences that were unintended and that had a very unfortunate impact on peoples lives, Hillary Clinton said in April.

95 The price in millions of dollars a Russian oligarch paid Donald Trump for a Palm Beach mansion in Florida, which Trump had bought at a insolvency auction four years earlier for $41 m.

Green Party presidential nominee and Somebodys Sister band member Jill Stein. Photograph: Dominick Reuter/ Reuters

96 Tens of thousands of miles by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state( were rounding up; it was 956,733 miles and 112 countries ).

97 The year in which Donald Trump in his volume The of the Comeback: I think Im too honest, and perhaps too controversial, to be a legislator … I would probably not be a very successful politician.

98 Amount in millions raised by the Trump campaign up until June 2016, including cash from Super Pacs. Thats $ 277 m less than Team Clinton.

99 Number of cents it costs to buy one of Green nominee Jill Steins anthems by her folk-pop band Somebodys Sister, who four albums in the 1990 s, off Amazon.

The percentage of African American voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania who said they would for Trump in a recent poll.

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