The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media.

Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists' agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this:

“The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a peaceful pro-Ukrainian rally, whose participants, uncharacteristically, fought back.”

Videos from many different clips, made by many different photographers, some of them even from the pro-junta side, tell, however, another story.

They show that  the “pro-Russian activists” who attacked the “peaceful pro-Ukrainian rally” in reality were pro-junta activists who had put on St.George ribbons to make them look like pro-Russians.

The videos show clearly how they collaborated with policemen who, just like the  “false-flag” activists, were dressed with red armbands. Their task was to ignite the “peaceful rally” and drag them towards the Kulikovo field and Dom Profsoyuznaya (Trade-Union House) where the real anti-fascist demonstrators had their camp.

Also the “peaceful pro-Ukrainian rally” was in reality a gang of football-hooligans especially brought into Odessa by an oligarch (Ihor Kolomoysky) supporting the Kiev junta.

At least 48 persons were murdered by the fascists in the attack which followed. Most of them local citizens of Odessa (and not Russians, like the junta in Kiev and their presstitute mass media tried to make you believe).

You can read all details about how the massacre was set up and executed in the articles below. In difference to the reports in western mass media, the information in the articles, photographs and videos below  show facts which can't be disputed (warning very GRAPHIC content behind some of the links).

Washington Behind the Massacre in Eastern Ukraine. Putin Takes the Blame

Why are Americans puzzled that foreigners consider the U.S. to be the nation that's the biggest threat to world peace? Consider how we are being lied to by the propaganda media that pass for “news” media in our country.

Here is documentation that the regime that the U.S. put in place in Ukraine in February 2014 is massacring Russian-speaking Ukrainians, and here is more; and following here will be provided documentation that Obama did it:
Washington Behind the Massacre in Eastern Ukraine. Putin Takes the Blame

The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened

The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened

The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it\'s not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it\'s not at all a mystery who started it. We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.

On May 2nd 2014 over 40 people were murdered in Odessa Ukraine. I'm not going to show the images of the dead bodies directly in this video because doing so would either get the video blocked or age-restricted. In the description you will find a link to a page where you can view those images if you are so inclined. The Odessa Massacre – What REALLY Happened


Odessa Provocateurs: Censored News | Joe Giambrone US corporate coverage has been criminal in its demonization of anti-Maidan/anti-coup activists. The propaganda narrative has even attempted to blame the victims for starting the fires that allegedly killed them. Much more information is available than has been reported in Americas criminally-complicit mainstream news. Via


Ukraine: Massacre in Odessa So-Called Pro-Russian Masked Gunmen Coordinated by Local Police tragic events in Odessa, where neo-Nazi militants have burned alive at least 50 people, are already being called a newKhatyn. At the beginning of the war, Nachtigall was led byRoman Shukhevych, who later assigned his thugs to a new punitive unit. The residents of Odessa were killed in a fire set by a new generation of fascists whoroam the streets of Ukrainian citiesclutching portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych. Ukraine: Massacre in Odessa So-Called Pro-Russian Masked Gunmen Coordinated by Local Police


Bloodbath in Odessa Guided by Interim Rulers of Ukraine information provided below was obtained from an insider in one of Ukraines law-enforcement agencies, who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. It is clear that there are people even within the interim administration in Kiev who are againstwhat happened in Odessa on May 2 and throughout the whole country. Scheming After the loss of Crimea and the popular uprising in Mariupol, Odessa is now Ukraines only gateway to the sea, thus making it the most important city in the country after Kiev. Bloodbath in Odessa Guided by Interim Rulers of Ukraine

For me, as a Swede, it is extra sad to see how even the Swedish government, represented by FM Carl Bildt, contributes to the misinformation about what is really going on in Ukraine. Look at his tweets and video in the slider below where he puts all the blame on the massacre in Odessa on the “pro-Russian activists”.

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The video below shows an interview by TV4 of the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt regarding the massacre in Odessa.

It's in Swedish,  but in it Carl Bildt is continually blaming Russia for the destabilisation in Ukraine (inclusive the tragedy in Ukraine). A de-stabilisation which in reality he himself was a heavy contributor to. Also, with a remarkable hypocrisy, he ends the interview with those words (translated from Swedish):

“The Most important is now that Ukraine can have a democratic election “FREE FROM FOREIGN INFLUENCE”.

Probably he takes his orders directly from the American Embassy in Stockholm and its American Ambassador, Mark Brzezinski (yes, the son of the “architect” of America's war against Russia, Zbigniew Brzezinski).