The Headlines in Russian Press and in International Media Give Totally Different Images of Russia.

Russian PressThe difference between what news the Russian press believes are important for people in Russia get and what the International media is reporting about Russia is the most contributing factor to the two quite different images of Russia.

I will report daily here in how the perception about Russia as created by journalists and editors in Russian newspapers differs from the view on Russia which their international peers in different English-language newspapers want to convey to their readers.

I will also present a weekly summary the “overlap” (i.e. How many and which common issues have been reported upon) and the main focus of the different media sources.

The comparison is supposed to be as objective as possible and the summaries will be made by RIA Novosti (“Russian Press at a Glance”) and Google News (search for “Russia”) respectively. However, since I spend most of my time in Russia and since I am convinced that the domestic reporting is more realistic for what is important for Russia, there might be some bias in my remarks.Google News Russia

I would also like to say that while RIA Novosti picks are divided into: POLITICS; ECONOMY & BUSINESS; SOCIETY and CRIME, it usually doesn’t pick up any headlines from the largest Russian newspaper, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Having been a Member of the board of Directors of KP, I know that their policy is to write for “everyone”. This policy seems to work well and KP is what most people in Russia read even if it means that the stories they pick up are rather about which mushrooms to pick than about gay’s rights.

Critics of the Russian freedom of the press, will probably blame me for being as brainwashed by the censoring of Russian media as the Russian people in general. That might although not be quite correct since I pick up information from both sides and furthermore doesn’t have the “liability” (in this context) of being born and raised in Russia.

Click HERE for the link to the daily headline comparisons.

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