''Russia is a prison of ethnic groups!'' These are quotes from Marx & Engels.

'Russia developed under the wretched yoke of Mongol slavery!' This is Marx & Engels, their statues are across the street.

'Russia played the role of slave to a master.

'To eventually dominate the Mongols, Russians had to learn to behave like their Islamic overlords (Tatars) And to dominate in the West, they had to become civilized – yet they retained a slave mentality.

'German hatred for Russians, was, and will always be, the most important revolutionary passion.

' Only with deliberate TERRORISM against the Slavs.

can we Germans, with the Poles and Hungarians, save the revolution.

We now know where the true enemies of the revolution are gathered.

in Russia, and in the Slavic regions of Austria! Only a merciless fight to the death with the Slavs.

who betray the revolution – we must exterminate them! (that is you they are talking about!) 'Ruthless terror'!, (again, against you!) This is from key worksof Marxism – Leninism! 'the 'West European worker's party, – i.


– today's EU.

must fight to thedeath with Russian Tsarism!.

with Soviet communism!.

and with today's Russia!''.

This is all taken from their theoretical works!.

Source: Youtube