This is Russophobia! – and who was the teacher? Comrade Lenin! A few quotes.

'Russians are lazy workers' 'We need to swindle these stupid 'Ivans'' 'If we don't, we'll never take power' 'I don't give a damn about Russia!' 'Russians are shitheads!' 'Pure-blood Russians are racists, scoundrels at heart, and rapists!' Lenin's own words! From multiple sources! A million Cossacks were being held prisoner.

Lenin's order?.

'Shoot every last one of them!' He wrote to the Bolsheviks in Penza: 'Conduct a public hanging of at least 100 prosperous peasants.

and make sure people see this.

' In 1917, he urged executing 10% of all unemployed workers.

as a way to deal with huge mass unemployment! To a Soviet Jewish functionary in Switzerland Lenin ordered: 'Give the Russian morons the following job.

have them send clippings of stories to Russia.

instead of whole newspapers.

like these idiots have been doing!' This is all Lenin! 'Take some soldiers from the rear hostage.

put them in thefront lines of our Red Army.

and shoot them in the back!' 'Send our killers to towns where our opponents were in charge.

have them disguise themselves as our opponents.

and execute: – bureaucrats, the rich, priests, wealthy peasants, landed gentry!.

and pay 100,000 rubles per head to the murderers!' Today in Ukraine they are paying $US 10,000!.

Source: Youtube