The chasm between how Russia is being presented to the followers of western mainstream media and how the vast majority of Russians feel about themselves, their president and their country is becoming deeper and deeper for every day.

What are the real reasons behind the, almost fanatical, black-painting of President Putin and Russia in western mainstream media?

In a recent op-ed on RT.COM, Andranik Migranyan, the director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation in New York, gives his, very competent, answer to this question.

“Vladimir Putin is charismatic, strong, autonomous, confident, decisive, and effective, and has demonstrated all of these qualities with his actions, not his words. These qualities he has showcased in domestic and especially in foreign policy. He exhibited them in his opposition to the Iraq and Libya interventions. He rescued President Obama from a similar fiasco in Syria. Putin further stated his attitude towards the Arab Spring, and has been constructive in his handling of the problem with the Iranian nuclear program. We can continue the list ad infinitum. Thus, venerating Putin and desiring the selfsame leader for America, these people are threatened by the very thought that they are obsessed with him, and try their hardest to remove any suspicion of harboring such feelings; and the more they think about it, the harder they try to rid themselves of the idea, resorting to spewing all sorts of dirt and villainy in the public discourse so no one would accuse them of admiring this politician.
This is a form of sadomasochism, a love-hate situation from which they cannot escape. I cannot otherwise explain the phenomenon of them constantly vilifying and attacking the person who is ideologically closest to them. Without trying to understand their subconscious, there is no way to make sense of their behavior towards Putin.”

Even if I agree with the author's view on the western media coverage of Russia and Pres. Putin, I do believe it is wrong to point to a country (like “America”) as being responsible for what certain persons in powerful positions in that countries do.

It is not “America” nor is it the “EU” that are shaping the western policy towards Russia (in the face of Pres. Putin).

Instead we should talk about a gang of bankers who, with the help of their money, have installed certain individuals on powerful positions in almost all, so called “democratic” countries to do their bidding.

Those bankers are of course not only Americans. Actually, their origin was Germany and now their base is in Switzerland.

They rule and control most of the world through a banking system which ensures that all nations and all people are in constant debt.

When a president (like John F. Kennedy) or a prime minister (like Olof Palme) try to take back the control of their countries economies, they are eliminated.

And when a leader of an oil-rich country try to move the oil- and gas settlement currency from the USD, they are more or less preparing to commit suicide.

Regarding Russia, those global bankers thought they had the situation under control during the Yeltsin regime. The build-up of a banking system controlled by the global bankers was going smooth and the control of the Russian Central Bank was just around the corner.

Their appointed Russian representative, Khodakovsky, prepared the setup for the final globalist takeover of Russia by training thousands of young people for (even armed) demonstrations.

Putin put a stop to that. He understood the importance for a country to control its own economy. Without the control of the economy, no government can even dream about deciding anything for their people. They are just puppets in the strings of some puppet-masters.

Maybe this western and modern form of economic slavery is what people prefer. Watching “news” on CNN, BBC or any of the other, globally controlled, media, eating processed food from the bankers food-giants and happily popping pills provided by the bankers pharmaceutical companies.

Or, are we better of with a strong state-structure providing us with the basic rules for our business, life and health?

Vladimir Vladimirovich certainly believe the latter and so should any head of state as long as they are strong enough to resist the temptation of corruption and able to surround themselves with likewise strong people who can carry out their policies.

Unfortunately, the problems with corruption in Russia are caused by the greed of persons in the state and regional bureaucracy who are neither patriots nor idealists. And Putin can't be everywhere to stop them (and even if he could, there are just too few honest people available).