Trialsof Gun Mount for Russia's NewestNavalShips Ended.


Petersburg- based Arsenal MachineryPlant has actually effectively finished area examinations of the retrofitted AK-176MA 76.

2-mm ship-basedgun, the one to be installed on the brand-new corvettes, small-size projectile ships and also watercrafts.

Aswas reported by the Arsenal plant's press solution on March 2, the AK-176MA weapon mountis created as a tool of Russian Navy's littoral fight ships.

Comparingto older variations, AK-176MA includes two times greater aiming precision of drives andtwice much better fire thickness, while the weight ended up being lighter earning less compared to 9 lots.

Accordingto the Arsenal press solution, RussianNavyhas actually acquired the current 76.

2-mm weapon install that is not just similar to foreigncounterparts yet exceeds them in some criteria.

Thebrand-new tool will certainly be installed on tasks22160and also 23550 patrol ships (ice-class), Karakurt- course corvettes and also Project 12418 projectile watercrafts.

By2020, the Arsenal plant is intended todeliver 22 updated weapon installs AK-176for the Russian Navy.

Firstmanufacturing version hasbeen currently sent out to the Zelenodolsk Shipyard to be installed on the Project 22160 VasilyBykov lead ship.

Source: Youtube