– To watch video follow the link in the description – EVENINGwith Vladimir Solovyov Good evening! The operation on the liberation of Aleppofrom ISIS terrorists causesan inadequate reaction of West.

Sure thing, Syrian governmental forcesare being accused of all sorts of evil, like,executing civilians in the Eastern Aleppo,shooting seven unknown women, etc.

The US Rep to the United Nations Samantha Powerclaims that not only Assad but also Russiaand Iran are committing war crimes in Syria.

This reminds some.

I can't really finda decent word for that, it's some phantasmagoria.

Really, some aberration of consciousness.

They take rumors about executions and shootings,the UN Security Council tries to give thema serious consideration, at the same time saying,like, we've got information but we're not sureif this information is reliable.

Even journalists no longer understandwhat's going on when they start talkingwith the White House reps, you gotta show itto the entire world, not sure in which category though -news, press conference or the theater of Absurd.

See it for yourself.

You know, all these reports on atrocities [in Aleppo],I'm not in any way questioning their possible credibilitybut also I saw other reports where people werejubilant, happy to see the army coming in, they're goingto the western side where they can get medicineand food, and all these things, so it's not all just onedimension, would you agree with that? No, I don't, Saeed, I haven't seenany pictures coming out of Aleppo.

You haven't seen? Honestly, Saeed, I haven't seenany dancing in the street.

Excellent politics – we pick and choose,and if we see only what we wanna see,especially if it doesn't exist in reality,of course, in this case we can teach everyonehow to live with a face like the US Rep's in the UN.

To the Assad regime, Russia and Iran – your forces and proxiesare carrying out these crimes, your barrel bombs and mortarsand airstrikes have allowed the militia in Aleppo to encircletens of thousands of civilians in your ever-tightening noose -it is your noose, three members states of the UNcontributing to a noose around civilians.

It should shame you.

Instead, by all appearancesit's emboldening you, you're plotting the next assault -are you truly incapable of shame? Is there trulynothing that can shame you? It's really moving that after a few yearsof pounding flat the entire East, all of a sudden,they ask with their nose upturnedif Russia has any sense of shame.

Recently, Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky saidthat Vitaly Churkin is a right manbut he gotta go harder, like, head-on,and, apparently, Vitaly Ivanovich had it enough.

The speech of the US rep seemedparticularly strange to me, she waslike some Mother Theresa – don't forgetwhat kind of country you represent.

Keep in mind the credentials of your country,and only after that speak from a positionof moral or any kind of superiority.

Regarding the question who's guilty in what -the history and God will be the final judge.

I don't really have an opportunity to waitfor the judgment of history or God the Lord but there'sa ruler of the Syrian Republic in flesh and bloodwho got an idea of the American mercy as well asshame in its American and European versions.

And he tries to explain somehow what's going onin his country – let's give him a word.

In politics it's always important to readbetween the lines, not just take words at the face value.

It doesn't matter what they say,in fact they ask Russia, like, please,stop the assault of the Syrian Army on terrorists,that's what their words really stand for,like, forget anything else, you went too farin your fighting with terrorists.

Like, they shouldn't be defeated,you have to tell Syrians to stop,we have to save terrorists – that's whatWest means to say in a nutshell.

I can't really add anything to thesedeep and rather harsh statementsgiven some.

universal outcry,and it's hard to say who they weep for.

'Cause if you take civilians, you could finddaily video reports on what's going on with them,like, 10, 20, 80, 100 thousands of people,here's they are being helped and fed,here's poor kids, here's terrorists yielding in,if some of them wanna leave – here's buses.

Who's sitting there fortified and holding the lineso that Western countries talk about new sanctions,try to reach president Putin and negotiate, like,no, no, stop it – who's there in the very middleof the 2.

5 kilometer zone [in the Eastern Aleppo]? Let's talk to Yevgeny Poddubnywho, unlike various American "experts",knows for sure what's happening on the groundsince, unlike them, he doesn't feed on the shredsand pieces of information but rather gets it directly.

Yevgeny, what's going on there? Everyone expected,like, it seemed that Russia and Turkey negotiated,and terrorists were supposed to leave.

But they kind ofrejected this plan and engaged into a fight instead.

Please, explain to us, what's going on? Vladimir, militants didn't just refuse to leave,they started firing mortars to buses in Salahaddinwhich were supposed to deliver radicalsto the vicinity of Idlib fully controlled by the gangs.

Actually, it's unclear why militants opened firesince they'd asked themselves to let them leavethe southern part of Eastern Aleppo.

We can only talk about versions here,militants have major conflicts among themselves,like, among Al-Nusra, Nur ad-Din Zenki, Ahrar al-Sham,so probably there was a clash inside this union or coalitionof radical Islamists, probably, some commandersdecided that no one should have left the positions.

Just as a reminder, they are fanatics,these people can sacrifice themselvesand others with the name of God on their lipsand use other methods of terror.

They fired mortars followed by light weapons,in sum four civilians died and morethan ten got wounded today in Aleppobecause radicals opened fire.

Today mortars also explodedby the Center for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides -Russian officers were also present there -while they were conducting a mourning ceremonyand inaugurating the memorial plate.

Just as a reminder, as a result of fire coming from radicalstwo military medics, women died, Nadezhda Duratchenkoand Galina Mikhailova, and today they were honoredwith a minute of silence by both Russian and Syrian militaryand also medics from the Center for Reconciliation.

Can you hear that? Not sure if you hear,literally a kilometer away from usthe fight is going, militants try to penetratefrom the outside, its the north-west direction,they're attacking the positions of the Syrian army.

And it's been going on for a few hours,before they'd try to breach the defense of the Syrian armyduring the negotiations with militants staying in the citywhen mediators were also involved.

As you said, it's some phantasmagoria,it's really so, the real situation in Aleppo is radicallydifferent from what Western politicians describe.

Zhenya, if the enemy doesn't surrender,he gets destroyed, right? Meaning if they don't wanna engageinto negotiations, the allies wouldn't haveany options other than clearingthe remaining 2.

5 kilometers.

Vladimir, the Syrian army actively carries onthe offensive operation after it became clearthat militants are unable to negotiate,they can't just decide what they want,so the Syrian army moves closer to the areacontrolled by the militants.

And in the nearest future, probably withina few hours or days we're expecting an official statementfrom the commandment of the Syrian army in Aleppothat the operation is finished and the cityis fully controlled by the governmental forces.

The hostilities carry on in that small areastill controlled by militants from radical groups,there were 500-1000 of them as estimatedby the Syrian military, if you add family membersit'd amount to 4-5 thousands.

I can't really understand one thing,like, West would say that Russian and SyrianAir Forces destroyed another hospital, school, etc.

,we've been always told about somehumanitarian organizations working in Aleppo,like, some obscure White Helmets.

Were you able to discover anyone,some working school or hospital,like, some traces of the fairy talesthat West would spread about? I'll be talking about what I witnessed personally.

Regarding the White Helmets – even before the liberationof the majority of Eastern Aleppo's territory it became clearthat this organization is more about producing variousmedia content rather than really helping or saving civilianswho suffered as a result of on-going hostilities.

On various occasions we in particularcaught this rather strange organization financedby Western countries, those "friends" of Syria,in making staged video when radical militantsof so-called "Free Syrian Army" were shown as victims.

After there'd be active Internet discussionsof those staged, fake videos.

We didn't find any traces of the White Helmetsin the liberated area, moreover, at least those people,civilians who left Eastern Aleppo and are located nowin the specialized centers waiting for hostilities to stop,so these people know about the White Helmets, like,only from Twitter, no one would see them in the street.

Regarding schools – it's a story of its own.

Those schools that I saw, both at the battle lineand right after the territory was liberated from militants,they had been turned into command centers,storage depots or fortified fire emplacements.

Aleppo schools have a typical structure,these are three-storey similar-looking buildings,and all them are turned into the infrastructurethat militants would use for military purposes,I haven't seen any empty schools without a trace,of radicals' presence there, so to say.

Here I would also add that militantsdestroyed the system of secular educationin those areas that fell under their control.

I'd repeat again, these militants are radical Islamists,children on the territory controlled by themwere taught in mosques, and it was an exclusivelyreligious education, there wasn't such thingas properly studying in schools there.

Regarding hospitals, radicals did usethe medical infrastructure that they got fromthe Syrian government after having occupied these areas,they'd organize there their own field hospitals,they'd also set up torture chambers there,Russian journalists working in Aleppo saw them.

By and large, the pattern is clear:patients, sometimes civilian are on the upper floors,operations rooms are closer to the basementwhere surgeons had to operate wounded radicals,prison and inquisition room, so to say, are in the basementwhere food and medication were stored along.

When they say that on the territorycontrolled by Islamists there was some kindof civilian administration – it's very irresponsiblestatements, militants would enforce their Shariarules and conduct their Sharia trials there.

So from the viewpoint of a Westerner,there was no such thing as civilian administrationon the territory controlled by militants.

Ban Ki-moon said, like, there's information,though it can't be verified, about mass executionsbut there's no reason to mistrust it.

Did you witness any mass executionsthat the Syrian army would do to thosewho yield in and leave the territorypreviously controlled by the terrorists? Vladimir, honestly speaking, I'm surprisedwith the words of the ex UN Secretary General,like, information that can't be verifiedbut there are no reasons to mistrust it – for us, journalist, such formulation is really weird.

No mass shootings or executionswere spotted in Aleppo, and those civilianswho were leaving the eastern part of Aleppowould get help from Syrian army fighters,in terms of food or informational support, like,where to go, where to stay overnight, etc.

And the Syrian security servicewas doing its best to make sure thatcivilians' leaving Eastern Aleppowas as painless as possible.

I just wanna remind a storythat, basically, gave a start to thiscoming out from Eastern Aleppo.

Our shooting team also participated in it.

When militants were still in controlof the battle line and would prevent civiliansfrom leaving Eastern Aleppo, we, at night,covered by the military and in the absolute secrecywould lead out groups having 5-10 people.

It was done by the Russian humanitarian missionand officers of the Russian Center for Reconciliationof Opposing Sides as well as the Syrian military.

In order to lead out 10 peoplewe'd prepare all day long tryingto ensure the safety of those peopleand trying to do everything possibleso that militants wouldn't notice them,that's why it would happen at night.

Accusing the Syrian army of some mass executionsis absolutely meaningless since very often the militarywould have relatives there, like, mother of one soldierlived for three years in the area of Eastern Aleppo,and the son couldn't take his motherfrom the territory controlled by militants.

So it's really hard to imagine the militaryshooting their relatives, brothers, sisters or friends,like, kids studied in the same school and later found themselvesfrom different sides of the battle line, so it's really hardto imagine soldiers killing their own classmates.

An interesting situation.

When people are coming out, do they have a choice?Like, can they go to the territory controlledby the official authorities or, say, go to Idlib?Or they are allowed to stay only in one place? They do have such a choice, Vladimir,but, as a rule, those who want to go to Idlibare relatives of militants, field commandersmeaning people having kin relationshipswith members of the armed gangs.

I haven't seen peaceful civilians,residents of Aleppo who would say,like, provide us with the transport,we'd like to go to the territorycontrolled by the armed gangs.

It wouldn't happen either when small groupswould come out, like, 10, 30, 50 people,or when they were coming in thousandsor in tens of thousands.

And despite hard living conditions there, you know,people go to centers for civilians of Eastern Aleppoand wait there for hostilities to finish.

In Aleppo they say that they'd restore buildingsreally fast, the only thing – there should be no war,and civilians, if I put it simple, only dreamof not hearing sounds of explosions and shotswhich they associate only with militants.

Two short questions.

Now, since it became possible,are there any Western journalists on the ground,have you seen any of your colleaguestalking with those who came out of this hell,trying to really understand what was happeningon the territory controlled by the terrorists? Vladimir, you know, I don't like to discussthe work of our Western colleagues, some of themare in Aleppo, they live in the center of the city.

As far as I know they talked with residentswho were leaving eastern parts of Aleppo,I know that CNN channel played footagepresenting people running from the territorycontrolled by militants like those running fromthe military forces under Damascus' command.

Whether they did it on purposeor it was some mistake or miscommunication -I can't really tell, probably it's hardto do it just by mistake or accident.

Yeah, the White House speaking head said,like, watch the CNN, they'd show the truth -it's clear what kind of truth is shownby our so-called colleagues.

And the last question: after very unpleasantsituation in Palmira, is it possible to make surethat after the liberation of Aleppothe tragedy of Palmira wouldn't repeat,that militants wouldn't come back there? Vladimir, it all depends on the commandmentof the Syrian army, like, which lessons the Syrian militarylearned from their defeat in Palmira when the ancient townwas abandoned by the governmental forces after they couldn't resist attacks of the terroristsfrom so-called "Islamic State".

In Aleppo they say that after the liberationof the city they gotta maintain the position.

In the beginning I was pointing that even nowmilitants attack suburbs in the north-westof Aleppo and try to gather forces.

Idlib has rather numerous and fresh forcesso they might attack again, and nowit's all about making good fortificationsin a short period of time, like, trenches, dugouts,fortified zones, and in this case it may be possible to predict the progression of events.

Thank you very much, Yevgeny,it was very deep and informative, as usual.

I think that if in the UN Security Council they really wantto find out what's going on in Aleppo, they should inviteour journalists working on the ground, guys would tell everythingso that American Mother Theresa would think hundred timesbefore trying to explain us something from the position of moralsuperiority, we try to save as many people as possible there.

Regarding the hysteria happening in Europe,like, these outcries about new sanctions -it's a complete ignorance of the real situation.

By the way, the prime minister of Yemenreacted to that in an interesting way,of course, he's not the one dearlyloved by the Western Europe.

The prime minister of Yemen accused Britainof crimes against humanity since British cluster bombsare sold to Saudi Arabia which then drops themon the heads of civilians – of course, West wasn'tvery much concerned after side-glancing that.