Relations between Moscow and Washington were discussedduring the G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting in Bonn.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the newUS Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, met for the first time.

Reporters were looking forwardto this meeting, and so eagerly that one of the representatives of the Americanmedia didn’t even give Tillerson a chance to finish his opening statement.

Thank you, Mr.


I am pleased to see you as well.

Is Russia concernedabout the turbulence in Washington? Russia does not interfere in the internalaffairs of other countries, in particular the United States.

The parties discussedthe issues of international security, world crises and the situation in Ukraine.

According to Sergei Lavrov, the new Secretaryof State reaffirmed the willingness of the US to improve bilateral relations underminedby the previous administration.

The meeting was pragmatic, business-like,and I would say it was productive because we compared our visions of how to move in directions that our presidents discussed over the phoneon January 28, covering the important points.

Of course, the relationship will always have importantissues requiring coordination and problem solving.

And we won’t be able to overcome allthe differences in just one meeting.

When the presidents find it possible, a meeting between President Putinand President Trump will take place.

Rex Tillerson said that the new US administration would look for areas of practical cooperationwith Moscow.

According to him, Washington, seeksa new understanding with Russia.

Source: Youtube