This article by Judith Deutsch will never be published in any main-stream media.

Why not? – Because it tells the TRUTH.

In her article, which is an edited version of a presentation given at a forum in Toronto in June 2015, Judith Deutsch explains in her clear language …

  • the real reasons for the war in Ukraine
  • the demonization of President Putin
  • the role of NATO
  • why the Arctic matters
  • how nuclear weapons make this a doomsday conflict

The author concludes with that if the U.S. military is not stopped, we are finished. The world will not survive even a “small” (tactical weapons) nuclear war and much less an exchange of ballistic missiles and she finalizes her talk with:

Simply demonizing Russian leader Vladimir Putin shuts out dire facts about the actions and intentions of the U.S. and its allies.

About the author …

Judith Deutsch is a columnist for Canadian Dimension Magazine, former president of Science for Peace, and a psychoanalyst by profession. She can be reached at [email protected]

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Source: Russia, Ukraine and U.S. Hegemony