President-elect Trump has repeatedly professeda desire to "work with" Russia, and has even expressed some admiration for Russian PresidentVladimir Putin.

But Trump isn't running Washington just yet.

On Tuesday, the U.


Treasury Department announcednew sanctions on specific Russian individuals and companies.

on top of the ones it imposedover two years ago — in retaliation for Moscow's intervention in Ukraine.

Our Kim Jung-soo has more.

The U.


Treasury Department on Tuesday localtime announced new sanctions on seven Russian individuals, eight corporate entities, twotanker vessels as well as more than two dozen subsidiaries Russian Agricultural Bank andthe country's biggest independent natural gas producer Novatek.

Reuters called the sanctions "relatively narrow"in scope; they prohibit U.


citizens from buying debt from the blacklisted companies.

The acting director of the Treasury's Officeof Foreign Assets Control, John E.

Smith, explained that the sanctions come in responseto Russia's "unlawful occupation of Crimea and continued aggression in Ukraine.

" In response to the latest measures, Russia'sDeputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia "retains the right to choose the time,place and form of [its] responsive actions in a way that suits them.

" U.


State Department spokesman John Kirby,meanwhile, said the Obama administration hopes the incoming Trump Administration will keepthe existing sanctions: "We would hope that they would see the wisdomin keeping these sanctions and this pressure on Russia, because we have seen it have aneffect But some experts say that's quite improbable:rather, they believe the incoming Trump Administration will strengthen its ties with Russia to containChina's influence.

"I don't think that the sanctions imposedby the Treasury will last too long.

Trump can't do much about the ones passedthrough Congress, but I believe he will enhance relations with Russia to limit China's growth.

I think this puts Korea in a very difficultspot as well, forcing it to really think carefully about whether to side with China or the U.


" The added sanctions come amid news on Wednesdaythat the incoming Trump administration apparently does not consider Russia America's top securitythreat; a leaked memo from Trump's transition team to the Pentagon noticeably left out thecountry that the current Pentagon leadership has labeled as the number-one threat to theU.


Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.