Top Trump aide Paul Manafort swore that the campaign had nothing to do with a radical change in the official Republican Party position on Ukraine. He was lying.”>

The Trump campaign went out of its style to dramatically alter the Republican Partys official position on Ukraineagainst the desire of GOP hawks and despite senior Trump aide Paul Manaforts insistence that they werent involved.

The move, first reported by The Washington Post, alienated Republican who have made up the partys foreign policy base for decades, and indicates that the Trump campaign has a particular interest in Ukraine, where Manafort has hitherto worked for a pro-Putin leader.

Manafort said on NBCs Meet the Press this past weekend that the altered in speech on Ukraine utterly did not come from the Trump campaign.

But this account is contradicted by four sources in the room, both for and against the language.

Eric Brakey, a Maine delegate who identifies as a non-interventionist, said he supported the change, which was pushed in part by the Trump campaign.

Some staff from the Trump campaign came in and is coming with some speech that softened the platform, Brakey told The Daily Beast. They didnt intervene in the platform in most cases. But in that case they had some wisdom to say that maybe we dont want to be calling for very, very clear aggressive acts of war against Russia.

They substantively changed it, added Washington , D.C ., delegate Rachel Hoff, who was present during the session. It utterly was my understanding that it was Trump staff.

According to two Republican delegates, the Trump campaigns attempts were resulted in part by J.D. Gordon, a Trump campaign official and a former spokesman at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, records for the session seem to have disappeared. A co-chair for “the member states national” security platform subcommittee told The Daily Beast that the minutes for the session have been disposed. The Republican National Committee had no remark when asked whether this was standard procedure for all the subcommittees.

During the session, pro-Cruz delegate Diana Denman proposed language that called for providing lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine.

Her amendment was put on hold so that Republican personnel could work with Denman on the language. What followed was a backward and forward between Denman and the Trump campaign, according to Denman.

They were over sitting in chairs at the side of the room, Denman said of two men who said they working for the Trump campaign, one of whom was Gordon. When I read my amendment, they get up and walked over and talked to the co-chairmen and they read it. Thats when I was told that it was going to be tabled.

Denman tells the two men took a transcript of her amendment back to their chairs, then induced calls on their cellphones. Subsequently, she said the two members of Trumps team claimed to have called the campaigns New York headquarters, and that her amendment needed to be changed.

When the language came back up, after consultation with Trumps staffand in direct contradiction to Manaforts insistence to the contrarythe section called simply for appropriate assistance to Ukraine.

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