All the attention is today fixed at Japan, where the Vladimir Putin's two days-visit with the premier-minister of Japan, Sindzo Abe's invitation, is about to start.

The crucial theme will be the business-economic collaboration, it's expected a big business-forum, a contracts-signing.

But journalists are waiting for the declarations about the theme of the International Policy and about the plans of stipulation of the peaceful contract between Russia and Japan.

This has been said by Vladimir Putin on the threshold of his visit in this country.

The first day will be carried out in a informal context, in the city of Nagato where it's situated today also our correspondent, Anton Verznitky.

A special attention is fixed at this visit here.

It's necessary enough to cast a glance at the local newspapers, detailed taking into consideration also the Russian president's biography with the emphasis upon the fact, that he's been loving the Japanese struggle, Judo, and the themes of the upcoming negotiations.

When the visit was bound to be arranged, I remember, that Sindzo Abe has invited Vladimir Putin to visit his country, at the beginning it was in Sochi, during the Abe's working-visit in Russia and also during the Western Economical Forum, where he's arrived to the island "Russkiy", at that time the Japanese president has invited to come over to his mother-land, the city of Nagato.

At that time the journalists have messed up Nagato and Nagano: these two cities are situated in the two extremities of Japan, ca at 900km from each other, and aren't really similar.

The Winter Olympic Games have been carried out in Nagano, back in '98, and Nagato is renown for its climate: the temperature-fallings here during winter are serious: it could be +23° or also -3°.

It's possible for that reason one of the ancient points of interests here is the bathhouses at the hot-sources.

Already another point of interest of these places is the fish "Fugu".

We don't know if the president will taste the "Fugu" or not.

But, in general, he hasn't obviously come here for this neither for visiting the points of interest of these places.

The first thing is obviously the negotiations at the beginning here in Nagato and after already in Tokyo, where the president of Russia will fly tomorrow to.

There we'll expect a big business-forum: some hundreds businessmen from Russia have already arrived to Japan.

As result of this forum a package of agreements and contracts for the realization of the mutual-collaboration plan of the two countries, composed of 8 points, proposed by the premier-minister of Japan, will be signed.

There are some concrete agreements for every point of the plan: energy and the projects, concerning the increasing of the cities: Abe has proposed to help out in the reconstruction and re-establishment of the Dalniy Vostok, the agriculture and the health.

As we got to know, tens agreements are already ready.

For what concerns the question the Japanese journalists have asked the Russian president some days ago, the question about the Kuril islands, nothing has been announced about this theme in the agenda of the day.

"I've been loving Japan, the Japanese culture, sport, including Judo.

But I won't say nothing shameful, if I'll note, that I've been loving more Russia.

And mr.

Premier minister and I will carry out the negotiations, by basing upon our national interests, upon the interests of Russia and interests of Japan.

We must find out a compromise.

" "Russia considers, that hasn't she any other territorial problems besides this problem with Japan?" "We've been thinking, that we haven't practically any territorial problems.

It's Japan, that considers the fact, that Japan has territorial problems with Russia.

We're ready to talk about this question.

" We'll have to wait already for a little time, the first negotiations will start off already really soon.

I repeat, that the attention fixed here to them is huge, the safety-measures are reinforced.

So on the threshold our filming-crew has even reached Nagato with difficulties.

The safety-services didn't like the batteries in our camera, we didn't get allowed to get on the airplane of the local airlines.

At that time the cameras and batteries are of Japanese production.

We were already worried of the fact, that we'll have to film all with the telephone.

But as result all got resolved successfully.

So let's follow our filming-missions today during the day.