Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons.

A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine.

TheĀ New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they installed in Kiev and ultimately ignite a most likely nuclear WWIII.

The many nationalists and patriots in Russia want it because they can't stand to see Russian people suffer in Ukraine.

Not least, the Russian speaking people in Eastern Ukraine want it because they do not accept the president in Kiev and his government which is dominated by Russian hating fascists.

All emotional reasons speak for a Russian, if not invasion, at least intervention.

The US State Department, the NATO leadership and some EU-countries (unfortunately with Sweden as one of the most active), do everything they can to push their puppet Poroshenko to provoke Russia into a war.

Their problem is that Putin doesn't want play the game according to their rules because, like a good chess-player, he thinks several steps ahead and he knows that if he follow the rules set by the West, he, and the Russians in Ukraine, will lose the game.

It is not easy for Putin to withstand the pressure from all directions. It is also not easy to explain his reasons for not becoming more active in the Ukrainian civil war.

The video below, make a very good attempt of such an explanation.

I don't know who made the video. I found it on the French YouTube channel of France Saker. They have also made the translations of the Russian speech into English and German subtitles (with more promised to follow).

Watch it carefully and think. I am sure you will then understand better the reasons why Putin is allowing the people in Novorussia to suffer now for a better outcome later.

When I write this, after a couple of days of heavy fighting south of Lugansk, it seems like the Novorussian forces are keeping the attackers from Kiev at bay.

Another sign of that the hastily invented Ukrainian National Guard, consisting mainly of Right Sector thugs and foreign mercenaries, is no match for the self-defense forces is that President Poroshenko yesterday proposed to Poland and Lithuania to crate a combined army.

This is of course a new attempt to provoke Russia into more overt action. The question is if there really is enough political support in Poland and Lithuania for such an adventure?

Kiev, the US and NATO are blaming Russia for supplying Novorussia with both men and weapons. The question is what is “Russia” in this context? For sure, a lot of volunteers from Russia have joined the defense forces of Donetsk and Lugansk and a lot of weapons have suddenly appeared there. However, it doesn't mean that the Russian Government is behind those efforts.

It is more likely private initiatives by the legally elected but ousted president Yanukovich, maybe in cooperation with the richest man in Ukraine, Rinat Akhmetov, who supports the fighters in Novorussia. The only thing “Russia” can be blamed for is not to stop the flow of men and weapons (bought in GUM) from Russia into Ukraine.

Here are the English subtitles from the video:

Putin, send in the army! Do you use this hashtag often?
If you want Russia to get into a war, ask yourself: are you ready to see it from the trenches and not from your computer screen?
Do you think it won't get to this point? You are wrong. To provoke Russia to send in the army is exactly what the US wants.
One of the US plans is to blame the failure of Ukrainian economy on Russia.
Let's be realists: Ukraine won't get accepted to EU, and IMF credits won't resurrect the Ukrainian economy.
But once our army enters ukraine, Russia will be blamed for the misfortunes of the Ukrainian people.
Such as: Because of Russia there is no pensions or benefits; Russia has destroyed their industry; Russia took away their European dream.
Of course we could listen to armchair strategists and send in the troops, but what would the international community think about it?
That Russia entered sovereign Ukraine without the UN resolution. Ukrainian government did not ask Russia to do that, and that the government who
asked for help is not yet recognised by anyone. International community will have one word for it: aggression.
The West will make the entire world rise up against the “aggression”. Will Russia's allies support her in that eventuality?
Even if we impose a no-fly zone in the south-east of Ukraine, US and NATO would impose a no-fly zone for our aircrafts and rockets as well.
What if they shoot down our aircraft? How are we suppose to react to that? Send in tank battalions to La-Manche?
Go to war with Europe, US, plus Canada and Australia? This is exactly what the US wants.
The United States has been suffocating from colossal government debt which is over 17 trillion dollars. They desperately need a big war.
This would lead to mass bankruptcy, bond and stock market collapses – trillions of burned virtual money.
Government debt will be reset, the US military apparatus and the American economy will be getting orders from all around the world
This war is their chance to avoid the impending bankruptcy.
Russia does not need this war. Postponing the conflict only makes us stronger. But people of Donbass are dying and Russia is faced with a choice:
Bad decision or a very bad decision.
Hundreds or thousands will die? Or perhaps even millions? it is a terrifying choice, but these are geopolitical realities.
So the next time you say that Putin has betrayed south-east Ukraine, think what you are asking of your country.
If you are not ready to take up arms to defend your country, do not fuel the hysteria.