As the end of the annum approaches, it's typical for people to rehash how they've spent the past 365 days, counting the moments sacrificed to streaming videos or the hours enveloped by social media. While Netflix or Facebook data could surely illuminate some instead startling habits, the latter's daughter company, Instagram, has helped HuffPost Arts& Culture to analyse a statistic we're especially interested in: museum attendance.

Specific data on museum attendance, while easy to come by, is often a few years old. According to an Institute of Museums and Library Service survey, American museums record about 850 million visits each year, more than the attendance for all major league sporting events and theme parks blended( which was 483 million in 2011 ). The 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts( SPPA ), undertaken by the NEA, uncovered more exciting news: adults who attended performing arts or visited museums as children were three to four times as likely to see presents or visit museums as adults. Turns out early exposure to the arts is pretty powerful.

However, other museum-related statistics are less rosy. The NEA General Social Survey from 2012 concluded that virtually 60 percent of people with children under age 6 told lack of time was the greatest single hurdle to attending arts and culture events. Research on the actual demographics of patrons in the U.S. shows us that non-Hispanic white Americans are over-represented, while data regarding 2012 tells us that percentages per of Americans visiting art museums and galleries has dropped by 21% since its peak.

At the end of the day, museum's like the Metropolitan Museum of Art can have record contemporary attendance numbers, but that doesn't mean museums and arts educators are reaching new audiences of parents, minorities or even humen.

Thanks to Instagram's own data, we have a listing of the 20 most geotagged museums around the world. These are the institutions ‘gram-happy patrons visited most frequently over the past year. From Los Angeles to Amsterdam to St. Petersburg, social media users — whether they are allowed to or not — are sharing their experience viewing art across the globe, and you should too. Here are 20 museums to add to your pail listing 😛 TAGEND

Rijksmuseum( Amsterdam, Netherlands)

We have been in the Gallery of Honour many times, but it never ceases to astonish us! What is your favorite place in the museum? #galleryofhonour #rijksmuseum #amsterdam

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Vatican Museums( Vatican City)

Featured Artwork of the Day – Room of the Fire in the Borgo( 1514 -1 517) The room was used in the time of Julius II( pontiff from 1503 to 1513) for the meetings of the highest court of the Holy See: the Segnatura Gratiae et Iustitiae, presided over by the Pope. The paintings on the ceiling, by Pietro Vannucci, called the Perugino , commissioned by the Pope in 1508, are related to this function. At the time of Leo X( pontiff from 1513 to1521) the room was used as a dining room and the task of frescoing the walls was assigned to Raphael who entrusted a large part of the work to his school. The run was completed between 1514 and 1517. The frescoes show the political aspirations of Leo X through stories taken from the lives( narrated in the Liber Pontificalis) of two previous Popes with the same name: Leo III( Crowning of Charlemagne and Justification of Leo III) and Leo IV( Fire in the Borgo and the Battle of Ostia ). In all the episodes the Pope is a portrait of the reigning pontiff Leo X. Six seated figures of rulers and sovereigns who the hell is defenders of the church are shown in the monochromes below the paintings. #vaticanmuseums #art #artworkoftheday

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Getty Museum( Los Angeles, California)

A # regram from @anika_ullah. We asked her what she was thinking in this moment, and her response was so lovely we wanted to share a piece of it. Though she was facing a rough afternoon, she tells she was thinking about how she felt a “sense of peace that cascaded through my veins upon the realization that I was eventually looking at the real thing – not just the copy in my living room that I had expended 18 years of my life gazing at in wonder.” #visitorstories #gettyinspired

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Philadelphia Museum of Art( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Happy Friday. #Philadelphia #philamuseum #repost Photo by @watermelon_lauren

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Muse D'Orsay( Paris, France)

Inside the musee d'Orsay. #Paris

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Tate Modern( London, England)

How do we behave in the gallery space? A grand finale of actions, props, choreography and noise transforming spaces in Tate Britain, devised by @tatecollectives and artist Jenny Moore, will play out in the galleries, Duveens and stairways by a group of performers and the Roundhouse Experimental Choir at #LateatTate, Friday 5 June at Tate Britain

A photo posted by Tate (@ tate) on Jun 4, 2015 at 4:38 am PDT

Fondation Louis Vuitton( Paris, France)

A la Fondation, l'art est partout, n'oubliez pa de lever les yeux … #FondationLouisVuitton #Art #PhilippeParreno #SpeechBubbles #RichardPrince #TheBlueCowboys #ArtContemporain Photo Marc Domage Philippe Parreno Richard Prince

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The Art Institute of Chicago( Chicago, Illinois)

We were honored to have the wanderlusting travelers of @passionpassport with us this morning as they make their route across the country. Well be regramming a few photos from their visit !

A photo posted by The Art Institute of Chicago (@ artinstitutechi) on Sep 14, 2015 at 12:11 pm PDT

Brooklyn Museum( New York, New York)

This # targetfirstsaturday we'll be connecting cultures through an eclectic mixture of art, activities, and music by @i. l.u.s.h.a @lafawndah_& @oshunnyc. Also, as part of Asia Contemporary Art Week, renowned Chinese calligrapher #WangDongling will join us to perform a live rendition of the Heart Sutra, one of the most important texts in Buddhism, in his groundbreaking “chaos script.” See the full lineup at bkmfirstsat .

A photo posted by Brooklyn Museum (@ brooklynmuseum) on Nov 2, 2015 at 12:02 pm PST

Natural History Museum( London, England)

Well only be seeming up at Hintze Halls highest stairs for a short time, as the 2nd floor balcony closes for redevelopment from today. The balcony will reopen in Springtime 2016, with new specimens and showings to see, including the newly-restored giant sequoia. Until then, were enjoying the opportunity to look up and get a new perspective from other regions of Hintze Hall. #NaturalHistory #Museum #stairs #architecture #London #NHM #lookup

A photo posted by Natural history Museum (@ natural_history_museum) on Nov 16, 2015 at 3:28 am PST

Victoria& Albert Museum( London, England)

A taste of what's going on tonight at #FridayLate Made in India. Yoga in the Raphael Gallery with @yogasphereuk! The mysticism and spirituality of yoga is embedded deep within the fabric of India's culture. #vamIndiaFestival #FabricofIndia #vamuseum

A photo posted by Victoria and Albert Museum (@ vamuseum) on Nov 27, 2015 at 12:30 pm PST

Centre Pompidou( Paris, France)

Critique de la facult de cliquer. #Philonum #philosophie #numrique #art #artcontemporain #contemporaryart #rflexion #pense #nouvellestechnologies #lycen #rflchir Manuel Braun

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British Museum( London, England)

In Mexico, on 1 and 2 November, which are the Roman Catholic Churchs All Saints and All Souls Days, the spirits of the dead are invited to the world of the living. At home and in cemeteries, the family and friends of these spirits make offerings of blooms, incense, food, drink and sun. Offerings vary according to individual families( and the dead they recollect ). However, candles and flowers are always present. During the #DaysOfTheDead festival at the British Museum, the colonnade was adorned with over five thousand marigolds, as well as flickering candles and copal incense, and a dramatic video projection. Together these evoked the multi-sensory Day of the Dead altar on a monumental scale. #mxuk2015 #Mexico #diasdelosmuertos

A photo posted by British Museum (@ britishmuseum) on Nov 3, 2015 at 12:36 pm PST

Whitney Museum of Art( New York, New York)

“American art, in its many stripes, has a superb new home.” Thanks @ apollomagazine for naming the #NewWhitney the 2015 Museum Opening of the Year.[ by @nic. lehoux ]

A photo posted by Whitney Museum of American Art (@ whitneymuseum) on Nov 24, 2015 at 10:16 am PST

American Museum of Natural History( New York, New York)

The # AMNHGala guests are sitting down to dinner under the Museum's iconic blue whale. Thanks for tuning in for our Gala coverage! AMNH/ C.Chesek

A photo posted by AMNH (@ amnh) on Nov 19, 2015 at 5:52 pm PST

LACMA( Los Angeles, California)

#TodayIMet a bunch of awesome people who came out for @instagram's #wwim12. Thanks so much to our co-hosts @jacobjonasthecompany @henribox @thomasforman @oxenham @discoverla. Photo cred: @petehalvorsen. #LACMA #wwim12xlacma #LevitatedMass #lastory

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The Hermitage( St. Petersburg, Russia)