( CNN) Hillary Clinton and also Donald Trump met Wednesday for their last argument, and also CNN's Reality Check Teaminvested the evening examining their cases.

Thegroup of press reporters, scientists and also editors throughout CNN paid attention throughout the argument and also picked crucial declarations from both prospects, ranking them real; primarily real; real, yet misleading; incorrect; or it's made complex.

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RealityCheck: Trump on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's statements

ByKate Grise, CNN

Trumpcalled out the Supreme Court justice for her objection of his candidateship.

“Somethingtook place just recently where Justice Ginsburg made some extremely unacceptable declarations towards me and also towards an incredible variety of individuals, several, several countless individuals that I stand for and also she was compelled to ask forgiveness,” he informed. “Andapologize she did. But these were declarations that need to never ever, ever before have actually been made.”

RealityCheck Quick Takes: Have allegations versus Trump been unmasked?

Ginsburgcalled Trump a “faker” in a July 11 meeting with CNN.

“Hehas no uniformity concerning him. He states whatever will certainly participate in his head presently,” Ginsburg informed. “Hein fact has a vanity … How has he escaped not passing on his income tax return? The press appears to be extremely mild with him on that particular.”