The Republican nominee did some creative math when talking about how great he did in polls after the debate and used his private airliner to talk about jobs


Wow, did great in the debate polls( except for @CNN which I dont watch ). Thank you! 27 September, Twitter

We won every poll. Virtually every poll . 27 September, Melbourne, Florida

Trump did not win the post-debate polls. Trump seized on 11 online surveys, many of which allow people to vote many times , none of which veterinarian respondents, and none of which weigh results according to actual voting demographics.

Two of the online surveys Trump quoth on Tuesday came from the Drudge Report, which excoriated his main primary rival almost daily this spring, and Breitbart News, whose executive chairman is Trumps campaign chief executive. None of the 11 polls screened respondents or were predictive or representative of voters. It is therefore impossible to have any idea where those respondents are coming from, who they are, or whether they might be bots.

On Fox& Friends on Tuesday morning, Trump also said: I won CBS. There was no post-debate CBS poll.

Pollsters with more scruples heard Americans say that Trump lost the debate. A quick CNN poll although imperfect presented 62% of voters guessed Clinton won versus 27% for Trump. A Politico/ Morning Consult poll proved 49% for Clinton versus 26% for Trump. An Echelon Insights poll indicated 48% of registered voters supposed Clinton won and 22% believed Trump had won. The closest result was a survey by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning pollster: 51% for Clinton to 40% for Trump.

Although these polls are scarcely flawless, social media surveys do not comparison. Trump did perform well in one poll, by LA Times/ USC , which devoted him a four-point leading. As a tracking poll, it did not ask about the debate.

And although Trump claims not to watch CNN, this month alone he has tweeted commentary about its programmingnine times, including three embedded videos( each of himself ).