Russiadeclared Putinphobia was afoot, however Icelands PM was much less trendy under stress and also David Cameron is still really feeling the warm


What did we find out?

VladimirPutins good friend a cellist called SergeiRolduginhas secret overseas business signed up in his name worth lots of countless bucks. Roldugin has actually claimed he is no business person. But the Panama Papers expose$ 2bn moving from Russian nation financial institutions to overseas businessand also a company in the British Virgin Islands called Sandalwood ContinentalLtd The cash is cycled back toRussia Some $11m of it mosted likely to a ski hotel exterior St Petersburg called Igora, where in 2013 Putins more youthful child Katerina obtained wed. The evidence shows Roldugin is a proxy, with supervisors at BankRossiyain St Petersburg running his events. The United States has actually assigned Bank Rossiya a crony financial institution for top Kremlin bigwigs. It informs its employer, Yuri Kovalchuk an additional governmental friend is essentially Putins individual lender.

Sergei Roldugin, Vladimir Putin and also Dmitry Medvedev, after that Russian head of state, in St Petersburg in2009 Photograph: Dmitry Astakhov/ Sputnik/ Kremlin Pool/ EPA

What occurred following?

MainstreamTELEVISION and also media are under the Kremlins thumb. Consequently, Russian residents recognize little of the Panama Papers; the Putin tale has actually been rejected. The chairmen proficient spokesperson, DmitryPeskov, declined it as an instance of Putinphobiaand also recommended that a lot of the investigatory reporters entailed were in fact CIA snoops. Peskov rejected that his partner, Tatiana Navka, a previous Olympic ice skater, had an overseas firm. She did. On Monday the Guardian released a picture of her key, which includes in the documents. Three individuals showed outside Russias Duma, or parliament, requiring Putins impeachment. They were detained. On Thursday, Putin denied cases of corrupt methods and also claimed Rolduginhad actually used his cash to importation music tools


Arzu and also Leyla Aliyeva go to a magazine introducing in London in2011 Photograph: Eamonn McCormack/ Getty Images
What did we find out?

Azerbaijansjudgment initially home, the Aliyevs, have a big overseas company realm It consists of financial, telecommunications, found diamonds and also London chateaus. Among the Panama Papers is a Mossack Fonseca company called ExaltationLtd It comes from President Aliyevs socialite children, Leyla and alsoArzu It was established in 2015 to hold UK home. The upmarket Knightsbridge lawyers that registered it, Child& & Child, declared improperly that both females had no political links.

What occurred following?

A tiny battle. Fightingraved for 4 days in between Azerbaijan and also Armenia in the objected to Nagorno-Karabakharea Regime movie critics state the flare-up was created to perplex from the PanamaPapers Whether this holds true or otherwise, the nation has a poor civils rights document. Azerbaijani authorities have actually closed down important media organisations and also incarcerated noticeable reporters, blog owners, and also freedom-of-expression advocates

PanamaPapers map


What did we find out?

Icelandshead of state, SigmundurDav Gunnlaugsson, and also his partner, Anna Sigurlaug Palsdottir, had a trick British Virgin Islands company. They established Wintris Inc in2007 Its intent was to spend her share of the earnings from the sale of her daddies car company. In 2009, Gunnlaugsson offered his 50% risk to his partner for a symbolic $1. At this stage he was an MP. In 2013, he ended up being head of state for the centre-right ProgressiveParty He cannot proclaim his overseas company, probably really hoping that its presence would certainly remain concealed. Last month, Swedish reporters working with the Panama Papers assailed Gunnlaugsson throughout a Tv meeting. He rejected misdeed, however his face alarm system, shame, reluctance informed its very own sorry story. EdwardSnowden tweeted this remarkable minute as a gif