( CNN) The Paris attacks that killed at least 129 people in Pariscontinued to prompt raids and apprehends in Europe and airstrikes in Syria on Monday. They've also spurred pledges of support from around the globe, while skepticism of Syrian refugees is sprouting in some American countries.

Many nations also find themselves at heightened terror alertings after ISIS released a video promising more assaults and the CIA director told Paris wasn't likely a “one-off event.”

Three teams of terrorists staged coordinated assaults at six locations throughout Paris late Friday, including a concert hall, the Stade de France and at least two eateries, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins told. At least 352 people were wounded in the attacks, 99 of them severely.

Seven terrorists were killed, one fewer than ISIS told were involved, Molins told.

Here is what we know so far from public officials and local news reports 😛 TAGEND