Hello everyone and welcome to my Slow Russian video course Today we're going to talk about one of my most favorite movies of all times "STAR WARS" of course And yesterday, December 15, it was a premiere of a new movie "Rogue One" So, perfect timing! As usual, I'll be speaking in slow Russian And you don't speak Russian at all or your language level is not enough to understand me Ok, you can turn the subtitles on English or Russian, it's up to you to decide But I highly recommend concentraiting on listening One time watch the video with subs and the next time – without them Just listening Ok, let's get started Today we're going to talk about one of my most favorite movies About "Star wars" It seems that this movie is one of the most famous in the whole world Maybe But in the USSR, in Russia it had a very difficult path The thing is that it came to the big screen only in 1988 It means 10 years later than the rest of the world Why? Why? – you may ask Because of the politics As always the USSR – the USA they were enemies Cold war, strained relations "Iron Curtain" in the USSR It means that western culture was considered harmful and hostile Almost nothing western could get into the USSR Including the Star Wars" obviously Moreover, President Reagan in one of his public speeches called the USSR the "Evil Empire" Evil Empire And of course after such an obvious analogy this movie had no chance to get to the Soviet screens In the middle of 80's the illegal copies started to appear in the country pirated video tapes with Finnish subtitles or German subtitles they were translated to Russian by amateurs the translation was very funny That dubbing is just a legend already The dubbing by Volodarsky.

There are very many jokes on Internet.

But nevertheless, the audience was delighted Few viewers who managed to watch the movie were delighted In the year of 88 relations between two countries became a little warmer And the movie finally made its way to the big screen, in movies Today you can find the affiches of that time on Internet.

The posters.

It's just something incredible Today they cost about $3000-5000 per piece in the West The painters (obviously) didn't watch the movie that's why the images on those posters have nothing to do with the movie In the official press, on television the movie was harshly critisized Anti-Soviet, hostile, having nothing but special effects and so on But official propaganda is one thing and the audience is another The movie became a sensation There was nothing like that Millions of fans were waiting for sequels, were 'hunting' for the unique 'artifacts' posters, covers, figures It was really something! Of course it's very easy to get all that stuff today In the store, or to order on Internet Toys, costumes, light sabers, cups Anything Our stores are flooded with Star Wars stuff But to compare this movie culture in Russia and in the West.

We don't have it on such a scale of course Cosplays, festivals, theme parks Far less, in Russia it's far less But this movie is loved and waited for And fans are fans And that was it, I hope you enjoyed And in the comments below this video please let me know what you think about this movie Do you like it? Do you not like it? Why? I'm very curious about that And don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter on my website – RealRussianClub.

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Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video.