A Russian anti-smoking poster spotted at a bus stop in Moscow claims that cigarettes are killers — just like President Barack Obama. It features a photo of the chairman taking a drag and claims, “Smoking kills more people than Obama, although he kills plenties and lots of people, ” above the words, “Don't smoke, don't is just like Obama.”

Anekdoty s borodoi — v zhizn ‘. <<u nas v sssr — svoboda slova! ia tozhe mogu vyiti na krasnuiu ploshchad' i skol'ko ugodno rugat…

Posted by Dmitry Gudkov on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Russian politician Dmitry Gudkov posted the propaganda to Facebook, saying he was “disgusted and ashamed of what appears on the street of the Russian capital.”

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the ad, which doesn't feature any sponsors, and Moscow city hall has yet to comment, according to the Guardian.

It goes shortly after a slew of YouTube videos and posters with anti-Obama sentiments induced the rounds in Russia, including one where university students from across the country demanded the U.S. chairman be punished for “thousands of lost lives every week.”

In January, an art group hung a flag featuring Obama and the word “killer” across from the U.S. embassy in the Russian capital, according to The Moscow Times.

However, Obama has said that he's a dedicated non-smoker and he only had a few slip-ups at the White House after famously ceasing cigarettes in 2010.

Smoking cigarettes kills more than 6,000, 000 people worldwide every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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