She helped end the cold war, joined the Russian church, and loved Russia her whole life The American Suzanne Massie, who taught Reagan Russian proverbs, is visiting Moscow Her new book is being published here But first, she went to see the artist Ilya Glazunov Let's listen to what the old friends talked about 'I know a million foreigners.

But no one knows, loves, and feels Russia like she does.

' They've been friends for 30 years.

He – a Russian artist, she, an American writer They are both 86 years old, Wise, and experienced from their many years But also youthful in their exaltation, An 18 year old could not kiss a hand more gallantly or tenderly, Ilya Glazunov and Suzanne Massie are deep in conversation, Surrounded by paintings of Russia, How could it be otherwise? 'I always loved Russia very much.

I love Russia to this very day.

and I think that the most important thing, despite everything.

Is that Russia and America should be together!' Her views are unchanged since the 1980s when she worked as an advisor to Ronald Reagan He not only saw Russia through her eyes, He spoke about Russia with her phrases.

It was Ms.

Massie who advised Reagan to try to charm Russian women.

and he quickly won their affection.

It was she who recommended he use the phrase: Doverai no proverai (trust, but verify) She first came to Russia in 1967, and Reagan kept her book 'Land of the Firebird – The Beauty of Old Russia', on his bedside table, perhaps that is why the cold war ended the way it did.

'My mother lived in Russia for 5 years during the revolution, She was Swiss.

and she always told me when I was a child.

Russia is a land of the heart!' She found the paintings about Russian history fascinating, and halted at one which depicted the tragedy of the 1990s Recognizing the symbols in the painting she shakes her head sadly and says: 'You know, I MUCH prefer the 19th century!' She is friends with Russian artists, poets, and musicians, Easily quotes Pushkin and Bulgakov, and is in Moscow to sign a contract for her new book, Russians want to give Massie's book to President Trump to read, a long shot perhaps, but, you never know.

'If Suzanne, can convey to Trump even 1% of what is in her extraordinary book.

it will be impossible for him not to love Russia!' Subtitles by the Amara.

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