Dear colleagues, Your Excellency, Friends, First of all I would like on behalf of our entire delegation, to express my sincere gratitude to the United Arab Emirates, host Foreign Minister Abdurrahman Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates for their hospitality and organization of our work at a very high level.

We met a year ago in Moscow, where he spent the last year's session of the Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum.

Then we adopted an Action Plan for the implementation of the principles, goals and objectives of our joint mechanism at the 2016-2018 biennium.

It is encouraging that most of the provisions of the plan are implemented in practice and how to contribute to cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Arab world, and the efforts that are being made to the settlement of many conflicts, which in this region unfortunately occur.

I mean Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq.

The period of turmoil through which the region is the result of malpractice geopolitical "engineered" interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, undesirable regimes.

As a result, we see an unprecedented surge of terrorist threat.

Its suppression is, in our view, the primary task of all nations of the world and, of course, the UN.

We have consistently advocated for raising the effectiveness of international counter-terrorism cooperation with the central and coordinating role of the UN on the basis of international law without double standards.

You know that, speaking a half years ago at the UN General Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the formation of a broad front of struggle against terrorism, which would unite all nations.

The realization that there is no alternative to this approach, in my opinion, is strengthened in the international community.

We believe fundamentally important to the effective implementation of all UN Security Council counter-terrorism resolutions provide a clear work of monitoring mechanisms that have been created in accordance with these resolutions.

We call on our Arab friends to join the Russian initiative that on the basis of Article 41 of the Charter of the United Nations impose a comprehensive economic and trade embargo against all the territories that remain under the control of the so-called "Islamic State.

" At the same time it is important to continue to seek the destruction of the military and economic potential of terrorist organizations and, of course, to counter the financing of terrorism.

Another fundamentally important task – is the adoption of more drastic measures against the spread of terrorist ideology, radicalization of the population.

We have the UN Security Council draft resolution on combating terrorist extremist ideology.

We look forward to coordinating with our Arab friends in this matter.

We are convinced that the key allies of all States in combating the spread of terrorist ideology in the population on the prevention of radicalization efforts are representatives of traditional religions.

We believe work on the promotion of dialogue among civilizations is very important from the point of view of the global effort to protect traditional values, combating all forms of intolerance, discrimination and the imposition of superiority.

We note with satisfaction active in Russia and the Arab League created Strategic Vision Group "Russia – Islamic World", which makes a very important contribution to the promotion of dialogue between civilizations.

Speaking about the specific problems of the Middle East, not to mention the need to withdraw from the deep impasse Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

We are convinced that to solve the problems of the Palestinian people, including the Jerusalem problem must be solved on the basis of Security Council resolutions and the UN General Assembly.

We are convinced that everything must be done to start a direct dialogue between the leaders of Palestine and Israel.

As you know, Russian President Vladimir Putin will offer to hold a meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow to start a direct conversation on how to unblock the peace process.

This invitation is still valid.

We are grateful for the fact that the parties have, in principle, accepted it.

We also consider it necessary to intensify the work of the Middle East "quartet".

And it is not the first year working to ensure that it does not work in isolation but in close coordination with the Arab League.

It was she who initiated the Arab Peace Initiative, which provides a solid ground for the solution of fundamental issues of settlement of the Palestinian problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Therefore, the Arab League, we believe, should be fully represented in all these efforts.

We, as you know, we support all initiatives that allow to move forward.

We took part in the so-called "French initiative", including in the last month held a conference in Paris.

But we believe that all efforts should aim at achieving "value added.

" Dialogue in order to deliver a long-known truth is important, of course, but we need to move forward.

One of the decisive conditions for the progress we see the restoration of Palestinian unity.

We are not the first time try to help our Palestinian friends.

A few years ago we conducted the inter-Palestinian meeting in Moscow.

Two weeks ago, took place in Moscow next Palestinian high-level meeting involving key Palestinian factions, including Fatah and Hamas, in which all participants expressed their intention to continue along this path, create a common government and prepare elections.

According to the Syrian settlement, we are grateful for the support of the initiative, which has led to an international meeting on Syria in Astana.

Note that at this meeting for the first time were presented by all those who in arms confront each other on Syrian soil.

We gathered these parties at a time when the armistice agreement, which has been generally observed.

They reaffirmed the commitment to a truce in Astana.

Russia, Turkey and Iran have established a coordination mechanism, which already monitors the implementation of the ceasefire.

The position has been formed, according to which all armed opposition groups were invited to join the ceasefire and join the political negotiations.

It is encouraging that a few days before the meeting in Astana a number of groups "Southern Front" also joined the cessation of hostilities with the support of our friends in Jordan.

We believe that no cessation of hostilities did not relate to ISIS, "Dzhabhat en-Nusra" (as if it was not called, it once again changed its name).

This was clearly confirmed by the participants of the meeting in Astana.

I know that this is the position of the Arab League.

Here we present a united front.

Meeting in Astana has created additional space, which is not a substitute for the Geneva process.

We continue to believe that our friends in the United Nations should hurry up and stop delay the resumption of negotiations.

Field meeting in Astana, we keep monitoring the implementation of the agreements that were reached at the first meeting with the participation of the SAR Government and the armed opposition.

We also call for the early finding political solutions between the parties to the Yemeni conflict.

Welcome to similar approaches in relation to Libya.

In particular, we have from the outset supported the initiative of the United Arab Emirates for a meeting of key characters in the Libyan situation, I mean the head of the Presidential Council of Libya F.

Sarradzh, Libya's Parliament Chairman Ali Abdallah Salih, and the commander of the Libyan National Army H.


We together with the Iraqi people in their struggle against ISIS.

We support the decisive action the Iraqi leadership to reassert control over the country's territories captured by extremists.

We provide assistance in this struggle, supplying Iraq Russian weapons and military equipment, strengthen the combat capability of the Iraqi armed forces.

We consider it important to complete the operation in Mosul, but it is certainly necessary to provide for measures to protect civilians.

We call for strengthening the national consensus, inclusive inter-Iraqi dialogue.

We call for full respect for the sovereignty of this country.

We are convinced that any foreign military presence in Iraq should be based on the consent of the public authorities.

We welcome the emerging normalization in Turkish-Iraqi relations.

We support the exchange rate of the Sudanese leadership to overcome the outstanding issues with South Sudan.

We hope that the government of South Sudan to fulfill the promise to expel from its territory armed Sudanese opposition groups.

We note with satisfaction the significant progress in the normalization of the situation in Darfur.

We are concerned that, despite the promotion of political reform in Somalia, the security situation there not improves.

It is not possible to achieve a decisive breakthrough in the fight against radical group "Al-Shabab".

We believe that the international community should continue to promote the combat capability of the Somali National Army and African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which bear the brunt of the struggle against "Al-Shabab".

I have highlighted some aspects of the situation in the region.

I would like to express our satisfaction with the fact that most of the issues in matters of principle, our position with PAH are close or coincide.

I hope that today's discussion will more objectively look at the possibility of further improving the effectiveness of our joint efforts.

Once again many thanks for the hospitality of our hosts.

Sincere thanks to all those who have found it possible to come to this important meeting.

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