Russia’s protection preacher gos to Syria, meets Assad|Fox News

Russia’s protection preacher gos to Syria, meets Assad|Fox News

Assad, 2nd left, trembles hand with Shoigu as President vladimir putin, centre, shows up on, in October2015 ( Alexei Druzhinin, RI-ANovosti, Kremlin Pool Photo through AP)

Russia's protection preacher has actually taken a trip to Syria to consult with its leader and also go to the Russian air base.

TheDefense Ministry stated Saturday that Sergei Shoigu consulted with Syrian President Bashar Assad to talked about army connections and also teamwork in battling “terrorist teams.”

Russiahas actually performed an air project in Syria because last September, assisting Assad's pressures recover some ground.

Shoigulikewise saw the Hemeimeem air base in the district of Lattakia, where he chatted with pilots and also evaluated the S-4 00 air protection rocket systems shielding the base.

A U.S.- and also Russian- agented cease-fire that started onFeb 27 has actually helped in reducing disgusts, yet strong fight has actually proceeded in several locations. The Islamic State team and also the al-Qaidabranch in Syria, the Nusra Front, have actually been left out from the truce.

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