This as in Seoul.

the Russian ambassadorto South Korea expressed doubts regarding a proposal for a five-party nuclear talks,.

As well as opposition to possible deployment of a U.


missile defense system on the Koreanpeninsula.

Our foreign affairs correspondent Kwon Soareports.

Russian Ambassador to South Korea AlexanderTimonin says.

experience shows that the six-party talks on denuclearizing North Koreaare the most effective way to deal with the North's nuclear ambitions.

He was responding to a question about whether Russia is still against President Park Geun-hye'sproposal for six-party talks without Pyongyang,.

after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovdismissed the idea last week.

"We have a high regard for President ParkGeun-hye's approach to matters related to Eurasia and Northeast Asia.

But with regardto the North Korea nuclear issue,.

we don't see much efficacy in holding five-party talks.

We still believe that dialogue is the best method of engagement and that five-party talkswould isolate North Korea.

" China is on the same page as Russia,.

whilethe other three six-party talks members — South Korea, the U.


and Japan — support the five-partytalks idea.

Japan is the latest to get on board,.

withForeign Minister Fumio Kishida voicing his support during a phone call on Monday withhis South Korean counterpart Yun Byung-se.

"Minister Kishida offered a positive assessmentof our proposal for five-party talks within the six-party talks framework.

" In his remarks to reporters in Seoul on Tuesday,the Russian ambassador also expressed concern about a deployment of the U.


Army's TerminalHigh Altitude Area Defense system on the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul had previously denied it was considering deployment of the missile defense system,.

But recently softened its stance with the latest threats coming out of Pyongyang,.

Including the potential for a long-range ballistic missile launch following the state's fourthnuclear test last month.

"The placement of the THAAD system won't changethings in Northeast Asia, nor will it make the region any safer or help resolve the nuclearissue.

" The diplomat also asked that all the concernedparties refrain from any actions that could escalate military tensions,.

a reflectionof Russia's more lenient approach to North Korea.

Kwon Soa, Arirang News.