This is the first post of a series aiming to explain one of, and maybe the main, reason for why there is so little understanding and so much hate for most things Russian, outside Russia.

Coming from a country which, for centuries, have had Russia as the “permanent foe” and furthermore having served more than 17 years in the armed forces, I have probably better possibilities than most people to understand the political needs for a negative image about Russia to be spread among the electorate. (Nobody will approve increased defense-spending if you paint a positive picture about your enemy).

Then, after having been living and working for more than 20 years in Russia, I probably also have an even better ability to judge the different negative, positive and just neutral, portraits of Russia and Russian events.

Now, before hyping up myself to some kind of oracle on Russian issues, let's not forget Churchill's words: “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”. No one, and I don't think even Mr. President Putin (being surrounded with people filtering his information), knows what's the real Russian image. And, in fact, there is no “real” image of Russia. The be philosophical, the only reality is the one created for each individual for themselves.

Anyhow, here are today's topics in the Russian and international press.

The prize of the comment containing the most hypocrisy goes to the three senators in California who want to block American investments in Russia because of the “anti-gay” law. Amazing to hear this coming from senators in a country which: 1) Actively pushed a Russian neighbor into a war with Russia by utilizing a (or two?) mentally ill President(s); 2) Destroyed the (relative) peace in the middle east by their intervening; 3) Gave shelter and money to anti-Russian terrorists who then detonated a bomb in Boston; and 4) Are supplying terrorists in Syria with advanced weapon just to be in opposition to the Russian support of a legally elected regime. Furthermore hearing this from senators in a state which recently blocked teenagers access to the healing powers of UV-light is almost too much hypocrisy to fathom.

Anyhow, here are first the Russian headlines as reported by RIA Novosti and on next page you can see what the international press reports about Russia (courtesy of Google News).


What the Russian papers say

Russian Press at a Glance, Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10:16 14/08/2013
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A brief look at what is in the Russian papers today


President Vladimir Putin met with his Azeri counterpart Ilham Aliyev in Baku on Tuesday in what proved a fruitful visit, but which led some to express caution about Russia’s influence in the republic. (The Moscow Times)

Lawmakers from Russia’s LDPR political party initiated a bill which allows drivers to use public transportation lanes at night. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


Billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov's industrial conglomerate Sistema is looking to double the business volume of its retail chain Children's World ahead of a possible IPO. (The Moscow Times)

Russia’s Central Bank said that GDP would grow just 2 percent this year, with actual output falling slightly behind potential. (Vedomosti, Kommersant)

After decades of pursuing trade with Western Europe, Finland is becoming dependent on Russia again as its burgeoning middle class and wealthy investors provide opportunities for growth lacking in recession-hit Europe. (The Moscow Times)


 A subsidiary of Russian energy giant Gazprom has won a tender to buy the Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK), according to auction results announced Tuesday, in a bid reportedly intended to diversify Gazprom’s business. (Vedomosti, Kommersant)


Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev said Tuesday that his country’s defense industry collaboration with Russia is worth $4 billion and continues to grow. (Vedomosti)


The second round of direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinians begins on Wednesday. (Kommersant)

A Russian man who faces decades in prison for allegedly participating in the largest hacking scheme ever prosecuted in the United States has pleaded not guilty in a federal court in New Jersey. (Kommersant)

At least 18 people are feared trapped inside a submarine that caught fire after a blast in India’s Mumbai port. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev proposed putting electronic chips in Russian car license plates. (Kommersant)


A Moscow court issued an arrest warrant for Russian real estate tycoon Sergei Polonsky, who is currently living in Israel and has submitted an application for Israeli citizenship. (Vedomosti, Kommersant, The Moscow Times)


Russia's pole vault queen, Yelena Isinbayeva, won her first major outdoor title in five years on Tuesday, capturing a fairy-tale world championship title on home soil in Moscow. (Kommersant, Rossiiskaya Gazeta)

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