Tonight the UN Security Council came at therequest of Russia together for a private emergency session on the US air strike in Syria.

After the US ambassador Samantha Power, calledthe meeting a stunt.

The Russian ambassador UNVitaly Tsjoerkin left the emergency meeting.

The Russian diplomat says to think that the Americansmay deliberately carried out the air strikes to frustrate cooperation among the countriesin Syria.

At the American air attack on an army postin Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria were 62 Syrian soldiers killed.

SANA news agency speak of 80 dead and morethan 100 were injured.

The Obama administration has expressed regretfor the “unintentional loss of life” at the American air strikes on positions of theSyrian army.

It would be the first attack in which theUS directly affects the army of Syrian President Assad.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry called on theSecurity Council to condemn the air strikes and demand that the US respects the sovereigntyof the government of Assad.

Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign MinistryMaria Zakharova wants to know if the United States whether the attack was a mistake orthat America deliberately support IS terrorist group by bombing the positions.

The spokeswoman told the Russian state newsagency Tass that she has come to the terrible conclusion after the attack that the WhiteHouse defends IS.

The cease-fire in Syria is increasingly violated.

Syrian rebels have violated according to theRussians in recent days almost 200 times.

Russian President Putin said that the Syrianrebels use the file to regroup.

He said the US, which supports some rebelgroups, is responsible if it collapse.

In fact on July 21, in the middle of the nightbombs exploded in Tokhar, a small town 15 kilometers from the Syrian city Manbij whichis controlled by Islamic State.

A school where Syrian civilians were hiding,was destroyed.

US warplanes made never before so many civilianvictims in Manbij.

Two months ago, the United States decidedto carry out the air strikes on Manbij.

Since the beginning of this month, US warplaneswere bombing the city center, with a huge number of civilian casualties as result, especiallywomen and children.

Syria condemned the “illegal” US-led coalitionwhich throws its missiles and bombs on innocent civilians and infrastructure rather than terrorists.

The Syrian foreign minister said that Frenchwarplanes are bombing the village Tukhan al-Kubra in the northern outskirts of the city Manbij.

Over 140 civilians were killed, the ministerrevealed.

“The unrighteous aggression of the Frenchhas led to death of over 140 civilians, mostly children, women and elderly people,” quotedthe Syrian Arab News Agency the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

“In addition, dozens of civilians were injuredand there are still an unknown number of civilians under the rubble.

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