Russiannuclear-powered ballistic missilesubmarine Ryazan went back to homebase Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka after overhaul and also retrofitting, reports the Pacific Fleet's press solution on Wednesday, Feb 15.

“”Thebelow's commander reported that the onboard tools remained in solution, andthe staff was ready and also prepared to achieve any type of objective appointed””, reported Interfax referringto the navy's spokespersons.

RearAdmiral Sergey Rekish, Pacific Fleet' sSubmarine Force Commander, praised the submariners on their go back to the homebase.

Theseafarers were satisfied on the pier by the leaders, team policemans of the submarine department, family members and also family members.

Ryazanhas actually been going through repair services at thefar-eastern shipyard Zvezda given that 2011.

Theoverhaul has actually not lacked troubles: onDecember 29, 2015 the Commercial Court of the Primorsky Territory required the Zvezdashipyard to pay among the counterparties that had actually fixed onboard tools 148.

1mln rubles for job plus 5.

5 mln rubles offsetting passion for retention of funds.

Initially, it was intended to appoint SSBNRyazanin 2013.

Thenthe jobs conclusion was delayed throughout of 2015.

Lateron, the site's target date was prolonged once more, to April 2016.

Ryazanis the Project 667 BDR Calmar (DeltaIII course) nuclear-powered ballistic rocket submarine.

Thebelow was put down on January31, 1980 at Sevmash, the breeding place of Russia's nuclear fleet.

Twoyears afterthe keel-laying, the submarine signed up with the Soviet Navy's Northern Fleet.

In2008, Ryazanmoved to the Pacific Fleet.

Thebelow's immersed variation is 13 050 bunches, hull size is 155 meters, light beam is 11.

7 meters, surface area rate is 14 knots, underwaterspeed is 24 knots, running deepness is to 400 meters, restriction deepness is 560 meters, endurance is 90 days, staff is 130 males.

DeltaIII belows are equipped with 4 533- mmand 2 400- mm bow torpedo tubes.

Keycritical pressure of these belows is 16 ballistic missilelaunch tubes.

Source: Youtube