February 16, said at the start of a meetingwith US counterpart Rex Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated thatRussia does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

US Secretary Rex Tillerson has said Washingtonis ready to cooperate with Moscow in areas of mutual benefit.

According to Vietnam News Agency correspondentin Washington, meeting with Rex Tillerson Foreign Minister and his Russian counterpartLavrov took place on the sidelines of the Group Ministerial Meeting developed economiesand leading emerging (G20).

This is also a direct contact at the highest level betweenthe US and Russia since President Donald Trump came to power last January 20.

Also at this meeting, the head of US diplomacynoted Minsk Russia on agreements relating to the issue of Ukraine.

According to him,in the context of the parties are looking for a new common platform, it is necessaryto respect the commitments for the Minsk agreement, and efforts to reduce the violence to escalatethe situation in Ukraine.

For his part, when asked by reporters whetherMoscow has worried the unrest in the administration of President Trump or not, Lavrov reaffirmedthe stance "does not intervene in the internal affairs of other countries ".

He stressedthe two countries have many problems to be exchanged, the majority was raised in a telephoneconversation between US President Trump and President Vladimir Putin last January 28.

Russian Foreign Minister expressed his belief that Moscow and Washington can discuss andset the parameters for future cooperation.

Earlier, an unnamed senior official of theUS State Department said Secretary Tillerson "will seek cooperative relationships realand constructive US-sector in Russia have a common interest" when he Lavrov met, butdeclined to provide further details.

According to the plan, within the frameworkof this first visit, Foreign Minister Tillerson also planning a series of discussions on issuessuch as changing world order, cooperation with Africa and conflict prevention.


Tillersonalso met with British counterpart side, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy and Oman in Bonn.

Thepublic is waiting for the statement of US Secretary of State on a range of issues ofglobal challenges, from the action is said to be of North Korean aggression, informationRussian cruise missiles deployed to new activities China's South China Sea and the situationof conflict in Yemen, Syria and Ukraine.

Source: Youtube