Russia’s United Aircraft-Building Corporation held an international presentation of the most advanced MiG-35 fighter jet in the Moscow Region on Friday.

The plane’s flight tests began on Thursday.

The MiG-35 was among the bids at India’s MMRCA tender for the delivery of 126 fighter planes.

At that time, Russia Mig 35 lost out to the French Dassault Rafale for political reasons, rather then technical reasons.

the reason for the choices in the favor of the french aircraft was the fact that under Indian legislation the Indian military can not buy weapons and military equipment from only one supplier Russian had already signed several major contracts to supply India with su30 mki fighter and the mig 29K/KUB carrier-based fighter jet The MiG-35 (single seat) and MiG-35D (double seat) are the "4++" generation multi-role fighters, exhibiting the further development of the MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M2 fighters in the field of the combat efficiency enhancement, universality and operational characteristics improvement.

The MiG-35/MiG-35D main features are the following: – the fifth generation information-sighting systems integration into aircraft airborne avionics; – possibility of advanced Russian and foreign origin weapons application; – increased combat survivability due to integration of airborne integrated defense system.

State-of-the art avionics in combination with advanced weapons allow the MiG-35/MiG-35D fighters fulfill a great number of missions like: – air superiority gaining against four & fifth generation fighters; – interception of existing and being developed air attack means; – surface targets destruction with high precision weapons without entering the air defense zone day and night in any weather conditions; – air reconnaissance using optical-electronic and radio-technical equipment; – participation in group actions and air control over groups of fighters.

In the course of the MiG-35 aircraft development the most attention was paid to operational characteristics improvement: – reliability of aircraft, engines and avionics is significantly increased; – lifetime and service life are extended; – mean time between overhauls (MTBO) of engines is increased; – the MiG-35 aircraft flight hour cost is almost 2.

5 times lower than those of the MiG-29 fighter; – the MiG-35 aircraft is intended for the on-condition maintenance.

The complex of technical and technological solutions has been developed for the MiG-35/MiG-35D aircraft which provides for independent operation, like airborne oxygen generation plant.

The power plant includes two engines RD-33MK with increased thrust power, equipped with smokeless combustion chamber and new electronic control system (of FADEC type).

Engines are of the module structure and have increased reliability and service life.

Source: Youtube