Project 885-M "Yasen-M" Multi-purpose nuclear submarines, IV-th generation Multi-purpose submarine "Perm" of IV-th generation Tactical-technical properties: Displacement, tons: when on surface – 8600 when submerged – 13800 Length: 139m Width: 13m Draught:9.

4m Speed: 58km/h (31 knots) Depth: 600m Autonomous navigation: 100 days Crew: 64 members Period of active service: 25 – 30 years Weapons: 8 missile silos / 32 missiles Hydroacoustics equipment 10 torpedo launchers d533mm 30 torpedos Combat radius of weaponry.

for submerged targets – 50km.

for surface targets – 300km (using "Kalibr" missiles).

or 500km using "Onix" missiles Multi-purpose nuclear submarine "Perm" has been laid on 29.


2016, the Day of Russian Navy.

Source: Youtube