Among the most vexing type of people are the individuals who park in disabled parking space when they dont need to. The Russian organisation Dislife has come up with an ingenious way to make them think twice.

The sign painted onto the tarmac of disabled parking space is pretty easy to ignore, if youre that way inclined. So theyve developed a hologram thatemerges when a auto without a disabled permit edges into a restricted parking spot.

It runs through dispersing a thin layer of air saturated with water. A moving image of a person in a wheelchair is then projected onto this layer to create the perception of a three-dimensional hologram to confront the driver. The moving image also goes accompanied with audio, which announces statements such as Stop! What are you doing? Im not just a sign on the ground.

The technology has already been implemented at numerous business centres and malls in Moscow, including the largest mall in Europe, Aviapark . It hopes to help with the ongoing battle for disabled people's rights in Russia.

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