Here is how the topics differ between Russian and international press today Thursday August 29, 2013

There is no doubt that the most important issues for Russian in Russia today is the flooding in the far east. The suffering of thousands of people who have to leave their homes because of the rising water from the big rivers in Siberia, is the topic of most media outlets and especially when president Putin (and Andrei Malakhov) make his visit to the disaster area.

While Russia's stand on the conflict in Syria attracts huge attention in international media, according to a poll made by the Levada-Center, only 8% of people in Russia take any real notice about the situation in Syria.

In foreign media, the exhibit of some exotic “art” featuring Mr. Putin and Mr. Medvedev in imaginary outfits, are getting a lot of attention. Especially since its creator have to (according to himself) escape to France in order to avoid prosecution. Seems like he, in addition to, or rather with, his art, has created another model for people who want to get asylum in other countries.

Today's overlap is unusual high. 3 out of 12 topics from the Russian press. (Potash/Belorussia; Syria (but of course from different angles); and Ukraine customs union with the EU)

The video of today is mainly for fun and collected from “Just for Laugh Gags” in Canada. The question is, would it be allowed under the new Russian law against promoting non-traditional sexual behavior towards minors?

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Here are today's headlines in Russian media, as always collected with the help of RIA Novosti.

RIA-Novosti-Russian-Press-at-a-Glance_Thursday-29-August-2013Russian Press at a Glance, Thursday, August 29, 2013. © RIA Novosti. Rybchinskiy

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Two days after Russian potash producer Uralkali’s CEO Vladislav Baumgertner was detained in Belarus, Russia criticized the quality of Belarusian milk and reduced oil deliveries to Belarusian refineries. (Kommersant, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Moskovsky Komsomolets, RBC Daily, Vedomosti)

The UN Security Council should wait for inspectors to present their report on an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria before considering a response, a senior Russian diplomat said. (Kommersant, The Moscow Times)

Russia believes its G20 presidency has been successful. In an address to participants of the G20 summit due in St. Petersburg in September, Russian President Vladimir Putin will present a plan to fight “offshorization” of capital, adopted in the year of Russia’s G20 presidency, as an important step in tax policy coordination. (Kommersant)


Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov signaled that his country would not back out of its push toward free trade with the European Union despite Russian pressure. (Kommersant, The Moscow Times)

The threat of an attack on Syria has pushed up oil prices. Oil in Europe approached the $120 per barrel level for the first time in six months. (Kommersant)
The second day of Russia’s MAKS 2013 air show in the city of Zhukovsky saw Russia’s Rostec high-tech corporation sign a deal to manufacture Canadian Bombardier Q400 turboprop airliners, under license – a growing trend in Russia’s faltering civil aerospace industry. (Izvestia, The Moscow Times, Vedomosti)

Russia's and Eldorado electronics retail companies will not go ahead with a planned merger because of an order by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service to close their stores in 35 regions. (Vedomosti)


Over 50 percent of Russian mobile operators’ subscribers are thinking of changing their operator, according to a survey by Romir. (Vedomosti)


Russians have been buying dearer cars, but buying them more seldom, in the past few years. If the tendency persists, in a few years, most Russian drivers may soon own SUVs, experts say. (Rossiiskaya Gazeta)


Two members of the Communist Party have spoken out against an anti-piracy law that entered into force on August 1. They submitted a relevant amendment bill to the lower house of parliament, saying the law was “raw” and was adopted despite criticism of Internet users. (Kommersant)

A government report to be deliverd to President Putin in September will recommend a rise in the pension age and a significant change in the basic pension. (Moskovsky Komsomolets)

Lawmakers from the ruling United Russia party are considering introducing a bill allowing Russians to use lethal force against intruders on their property. (Moskovsky Komsomolets)

Moscow residents have been collecting humanitarian aid for those suffering from the floods in Russia’s far east, while President Putin traveled to the area to inspect the damage himself. (Moskovsky Komsomolets)

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