( CNN) He may be no Diesel, but Russia has given France a new puppy following the death of the seven-year-old police dog during a terror raid in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis last month.

“The puppy you are giving us today will replace Diesel and proves your friendship, ” said French ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert, during a ceremony at the French Embassy in Moscow on Monday.

“They are waiting for this puppy in Paris, ” he added, according to Russian news organisation Tass.


Diesel's death in a police raid on November 18 went five days after 130 people were killedin multiple terror attacks in Paris.

A city in mourning marked the dog's demise with the hashtag #JeSuisChien, a nod to #JeSuisCharlie, the hashtag that went viral after the terror attacks on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January .